Recognition for Pacific youth in NZ awards | Pacific Beat

Recognition for Pacific youth in NZ awards

Recognition for Pacific youth in NZ awards

Updated 15 November 2012, 9:38 AEST

In New Zealand, the Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Awards winners were announced this week.

The awards celebrate the talent and ambition of young Pacific people living in New Zealand.

This year saw five awards handed out for leadership, creativity, inspiration, innovation and technology.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speakers: Taefu Heker Robertson, chief advisor, NZ Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs; Pati Ahsue, Creativity Award winner; Karina Kaufusi, Leadership Award winner


Geraldine Coutts

Geraldine Coutts


Geraldine is a respected voice on issues in the Pacific and is the presenter of our morning Pacific Beat  program.

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