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Red Cross also ready to help with Vietnam cleanup

Red Cross also ready to help with Vietnam cleanup

Updated 11 November 2013, 17:55 AEDT

The secretary General of the Vietnam Red Cross, Doan Van Thai says massive preparations including the evacuation of up to one million people saved many lives.

Presenter: Brian Abbott

Doan Van Thai, The secretary General of the Vietnam Red Cross.

THAI: In two days, Vietnam evacuated a million people to safer places and last night and this morning, typhoon is hitting and step-by-step, passing some provinces and cities in the north of Vietnam. Up to now, on the way, that typhoon past thousands houses and infrastructures and damaged them. Luckily, we lost only seven people and it is very lucky, because typhoon didn't hit directly to Vietnam. And now, in Vietnam, heavy rain is happened in larger scale and we prepare to prevent flood situation. The government, Red Cross, the army, police and forces support the people needing things before, during and after typhoon. Now we send Red Cross, the volunteers with army and police forces to check and to support directly people in affected area.

We do hope that the situation will be better in two or three days later and now, every process related to the typhoon is managed with very careful attention, not only Red Cross, but every organisation, including the government.

ABBOTT: Will the government handle the relief operation by itself or will it seek help from the international community?

THAI: Of course, up to now, we very quickly make need assessment and based on recent of assessment, we, the government and Red Cross and other organisations, we support the people by their needs.

ABBOTT: So you won't be asking for help from the international community?

THAI: Oh, yes, up to now, I think we support our people ourselves and after typhoon, especially in this time when flood can be happened everywhere, then we also consider to call supports from international organisations and from other governments.

ABBOTT: How serious do you believe the flooding will be?

THAI: I think especially in mountainous provinces. I think this recent situation will result in a flash flood on a large scale.

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