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Remote FSM school runs out of food

Remote FSM school runs out of food

Updated 23 November 2012, 18:24 AEDT

A high school in the remote North of the Federated States of Micronesia has run out of food to feed its nearly 300 student boarders.

Weipat High School on Onoun island provides education and accomodation to around 270 students from all the islands across the remote area of the FSM.

At the start of the school it was provided with insufficient supplies to feed the students and staff.

They have been promised to be resupplied with rice, but until then they are relying on the 400 strong local community for food.

But as Principal Father Floren Akkin told Heather Jarvis they are worried the families there are also about to run out of supplies.

Presenter:Heather Jarvis

Speaker:Father Floren Akkin, the Principal of Weipat High School in FSM

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