Roll of Honour Soundscape mark WW1 anniversary | Pacific Beat

Roll of Honour Soundscape mark WW1 anniversary

Roll of Honour Soundscape mark WW1 anniversary

Updated 4 August 2014, 8:11 AEST

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra today launches a special World War One "Roll of Honour soundscape" will be launched.

It features primary school students reciting the names of the men and women recorded on the Memorial's Roll Of Honour.

It commemorates the centenary of Australia's entry into the First World War when Britain declared war on Germanyon August 4th, 1914.

The soundscape feature 1300 school students from regional Australia recording the names from the Roll of Honour, They also learned the stories of the mainly men whose names they read out and reflected on war and peace.

Speaker: First World War Veterans, Australian primary school students,

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