Sanitation issues costing Kiribati big bucks | Pacific Beat

Sanitation issues costing Kiribati big bucks

Sanitation issues costing Kiribati big bucks

Updated 6 May 2014, 8:28 AEST

The Asian Development Bank says inadequate sanitation and poor water supplies are costing the government of Kiribati as much as $7.

3 million a year, that's near enough four percent of GDP, Gross Domestic Product.

The bank says the situation highlights the impact of under investment in the main urban centre of South Tarawa, and the knock-on effects on public health. Allison Woodruff from the ADB's Pacific department manages water supply and sanitation projects in a number of developing countries, and she says the situation in Kiribati is dire.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Allison Woodruff, ADB Pacific Department

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