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Shark finners target Fiji's reefs

Shark finners target Fiji's reefs

Updated 15 February 2013, 10:43 AEDT

The race is on between people who are trying to conserve the sharks of the Fijian islands and local and international shark finners who are killing them.

The Great Fiji Shark Count aims to create a comprehensive census of the various sharks that inhabit the island's reefs and surrounding waters for an independent scientific study.

This will be used as the basis for a submission to the government to set up a system to protect the animals.

Dive shops across the island chain are keeping shark log books and they are being co-ordinated by Nanise Ledua a member of Beqa Adventure Divers.

Steve Rice asked her about the threats to the sharks.

Presenter: Steve Rice

Speaker: Co-ordinator of the Great Fiji Shark Count Nanise Ledua

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