Short documentary 'Blackbird' to screen at DocWeek | Pacific Beat

Short documentary 'Blackbird' to screen at DocWeek

Short documentary 'Blackbird' to screen at DocWeek

Updated 20 February 2014, 10:40 AEDT

A number of short films featuring Vanuatu will screen at a week-long international documentary film festival in South Australia One of them - 'Blackbird' - was inspired by a little-known event that occurred in 2012 at the first Australian South Sea Islander Conference in Queensland.

Filmmaker Gemma Tamock explains how a Paramount Chief from Vanuatu presented an apology to the local Aboriginal community for his ancestors' wrongdoings during the blackbirding era in the 1900s.

Presenter: Isabelle Genoux

Speaker: Gemma Tamock, filmmaker, 'Blackbird'

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