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Solar eclipse watchers flock to northern Australia | Pacific Beat

Solar eclipse watchers flock to northern Australia

Solar eclipse watchers flock to northern Australia

Updated 14 November 2012, 10:39 AEDT

A spectacular solar eclipse is taking place this morning in just over an hour's time.

The eclipse will cast its 150-kilometrer wide shadow across Australia's far north from Cairns and Port Douglas.

It will have a narrow corridor between Norfolk Island and New Caledonia.

It is dangerous to look at the sun during the eclipse as you could suffer blindness but it is safe to watch on websites such as the Sydney Observatory website.

Thousands of people have descended on Port Dougas in far north Queensland and spent a lot of money getting there for the ecplise which will last for around two minutes.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Richard Dinnen, ABC reporter, Palmer River, Queensland

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