Solomon Islands prepares for the next cyclone of the Pacific summer | Pacific Beat

Solomon Islands prepares for the next cyclone of the Pacific summer

Solomon Islands prepares for the next cyclone of the Pacific summer

Updated 16 January 2014, 12:05 AEDT

In Solomon Islands meteorologists are tracking a tropical disturbance that is showing signs of developing into a cyclone in the next couple of days.

If that happens the cyclone could have more impact on New Caledonia rather than the Solomons.

Presenter: Brian Abbott

Freddy Ferah, Solomon Islands Meteorological Service

FERAH: Well looking at the actual development and the monsoon winds that is associated with it, it looks likely that it is going to have a moderate chance of developing into a tropical cyclone by Saturday.

ABBOTT: What strength is it at at the moment, how much further does it have to go before it can be classified as a cyclone?

FERAH: Well at the moment it's central pressure is about one-thousand-and-20 pascals, you'd have to go below one-thousand Hecto pascals before it could be classified as a tropical cyclone.

ABBOTT: Now it's current position is east of the Rennell Island group, is that right?

FERAH: I currently have it at about 70 nautical miles north-west of Rennell Island, and it's moving slowly easterly at about four knots.

ABBOTT: And it's impossible to predict what sort of path it will take as it develops?

FERAH: Well according to the weather models we have here it should generate a more southerly track through the course of the next 24-48 hours.

ABBOTT: So if it develops into a cyclone, is it more likely to threaten New Caledonia and Vanuatu rather than Solomons?

FERAH: Looking as I say the area, looking at the models, the models we have here, the likely track it's going to take is going to go directly to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. But the set of that depression will surely be affecting part of the Solomon Islands.

ABBOTT: What sort of weather can Solomon Islands expect from it? Heavy rain, high seas strong winds?

FERAH: Yes actually we have been issuing flood warnings for the last couple of days due to this low depression, as well as we have now issued a tropical disturbance watch advice number two, which will be updated very shortly, advising people about the precautionary measures this bad weather might cause, pose a threat to their lives and properties.

ABBOTT: So what general warning would you give the people? Do not head out to sea and just be prepared, make sure everything's tied down, battened down and be prepared to sit out whatever nature throws their way?

FERAH: Well yes, we've always advised people it's critical that communities are well prepared for this possible impact of this weather event, as this sort of system can bring with it not only strong winds, but heavy rains, storm surges and localised flooding. Now is the time to prepare for this potential scenario, which is most likely to effect your area, especially Solomon Islands. As I said one of the best ways to be prepared is to keep informed by tuning into radios, if you have the internet you can log onto the internet and have an update on our website, and most importantly listen out to radio for any any other warnings.

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