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Sopoaga elected new PM in Tuvalu

Sopoaga elected new PM in Tuvalu

Updated 5 August 2013, 8:43 AEST

Tuvalu parliament has elected Enele Sopoaga as Prime Minister.

On Friday former Prime Minister Willy Telavi was removed from office after a no confidence motion, ending nearly eight months of political infighting and a constitutional crisis, triggered by the death of the Finance Minister last December.

That death gave the opposition the majority of seats in the 15 seat house, but Mr Telvai first refused to allow a by-election, and then refused to call parliament after the election was held.

Parliament was only called after the Governor General used his reserve powers to order it, and that led to the resignation of the Health Minister, the suspension of the house, and then both the Governor General Iakoba Italeli, ordering Mr Telavi be relieved of his position, and then Mr Telavi announcing the Governor General had been fired.

Finally on Friday parliament did meet and debated the motion, and Mr Telavi was out of office.

Originally parliament was scheduled to meet on Tuesday to formally elected the new Prime Minister.

But Tuvalu's new Foreign Minister Taukelina Finikaso tells Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney it was decided the meeting would be held yesterday.

Presenter: Campbell Cooney

Speaker: Taukelina Finikaso, Opposition MP

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