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Students end boycott at Lae University of Technololgy

Students end boycott at Lae University of Technololgy

Updated 20 March 2013, 18:18 AEDT

Classes at Papua New Guinea's Lae University of Technology in the Morobe province will resume on Thursday as a student boycott over the sacking of their Vice Chancellor has ended.

It comes as a government sanctioned inquiry over the sacking of a former Vice Chancellor amongst other administrative issues at the Unitech started this week.

Presenter: Firmin Nanol reports:

Speaker: Students' Representative Council President, Livingstone Hosea, PNG's acting Higher Education, Science, Research and Technology Minister, Don Polye

For the last two weeks students have been boycotting classes over claims the Vice Chancellor Dr Albert Schram's contract was terminated illegally and wanted him reinstated.The Students' Representative Council President, Livingstone Hosea says Doctor Schram was terminated for cleaning up the Unitech administration of financial mismanagement and maladministration.He says the students will attend lectures and allow the inquiry into the VC's sacking and other administrative issues affecting Unitech to conducts its investigations and reveal the truth.

PNG's acting Higher Education, Science, Research and Technology Minister, Don Polye has commended the students for ending the boycott.

He says their concerns over alleged misuse of university funds, maladministration including the alleged illegal sacking of Doctor Schram will be investigated.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has appointed Mr Polye, who is the Treasurer after former Higher Education Minister, David Arore was arrested and charged for allegedly bribing two officials conducting elections for his Ijivitari electorate in the Oro province last year.The Lae Unitech Council has accused Dr Albert Schram of forging his educational qualifications to gain employment with the University, a claim which Dr Schram has denied

The government has appointed retired Judge, Justice Mark Sevua to inquire into the allegations.Justice Sevua has appeal to authorities to allow Dr Albert Schram to return to the country and answer the allegations levelled against him.He says it would be travesty of justice if Dr Schram is denied his natural right to clear his name.

The PNG government deported Dr Schram twice from entering the country early last month.The Inquiry will also establish if the former University Council followed existing laws in hiring and firing the VC.It will also inquire if the former Unitech Council and administration allegedly misapplied Unitech funds.

Members of the Inquiry team are already at the Lae Unitech campus for the inquiry.

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