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Sugar workers union don't want Fiji leading ISO | Pacific Beat

Sugar workers union don't want Fiji leading ISO

Sugar workers union don't want Fiji leading ISO

Updated 28 November 2012, 11:40 AEDT

An international union representing many of the world's food and agricultural workers is opposing Fiji's bid to sit at the head of world governing body for the sugar industry.

The International Union of Food and Agricultural Workers, or the IUF, represents over 120 million workers, and says that the appointment would give legitimacy to a military dictatorship which has a poor track record on worker's rights. Their criticism comes as the International Sugar Organization, which represents workers in most of the world's sugar producing countries, meets this week in London.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Sue Longley, IUF Coordinator for the Agriculture and Plantation Sector


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