Super yacht Phocea may not return to Vanuatu | Pacific Beat

Super yacht Phocea may not return to Vanuatu

Super yacht Phocea may not return to Vanuatu

Updated 26 February 2013, 18:29 AEDT

A super yacht that sparked political controversy and allegations of contraband weapons and drugs to be allowed to leave Vanuatu.

The Phocea, once the world's biggest sailing yacht is leave Port Vila harbour after arriving eight months ago.

Questions were asked about the involvement of Vanuatu MPs in the investigation sparked by the Police and Customs inspection of the yacht.

The Phocea's co-owner, Pascal Vu Nah Quan Saken, is Vanuatu's honorary consul to Vietnam, and he recently flew to Papua New Guinea on a private jet, with government cabinet members travelling with him.

Now Vanuatu's Maritime Affairs Advisory Committee has issued a 6 months provisional registration to the yacht, under restrictive conditions to allow it to travel to a Thailand shipyard for repairs, and then eventually full registration.

Robert Bohn, a Member of Parliament and also Chief Executive of Vanuatu Maritime Services, which conducts the ships registry for the island nation, explains the registration procedure to Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney.

Presenter: Campbell Cooney

Speaker: Robert Bohn is a Vanuatu MP and is the Chief Executive of Vanuatu Maritime Services Limited

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