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Tasmania looking for people missing after bushfires

Tasmania looking for people missing after bushfires

Updated 7 January 2013, 12:28 AEDT

Tasmania is facing a loss of life as more than 40 bushfires burn across the state.

The police hold concerns for up to 100 people who were in the path of the fire in a holiday region in the state's south-east that's done the most damage.

The bushfire has destroyed an estimated 100 homes and buildings. The worst hit is the town of Dunalley.

Dunalley is a small coastal village about forty minutes south-east of Hobart. The canal that runs through the town saved the lives of many residents who took refuge there on Friday night.

The fire is still raging and has reached the Tasman Penisula where tourists and locals are taking refuge at the Port Arthur Historic Site and a community hall at nearby Nubeena.

Ferries have been used to transport more than a 1,000 people to Hobart but up to 2,000 are still left on the Penisula.

There's only one road in and out - and its' been cut off by the massive blaze. The Fire Service can't say how long it will take to bring the fire under control, but police have already begun searching for bodies.

Presenter: Felicity Ogilvie

Speakers: Scott Tilyard, Acting Tasmanian Police Commissioner; Mike Brown, Tasmania's Chief Fire Officer; Del and Jock Delgarno, affected residents

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