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Thousands run in ad hoc New York 'marathon'

Thousands run in ad hoc New York 'marathon'

Updated 5 November 2012, 18:19 AEDT

It's getting on for a week after Hurricane Sandy pounded the north-east United States, and the clean-up in New York is still underway.

At the weekend city officials announced another casualty from the storm - the New York Marathon.

The news came on Saturday - too late for the thousands of foreign runners who'd flown in to take part and were already in the city gearing up to run.

So on Sunday morning, many of the international runners poured into New York's Central Park to put in the 26 miles in a different way, with a mass jog around the park.

Among them were a group of Australians - the Cathy Freeman Foundation's Deadly Runners - who were taking part in this year's marathon to raise awareness of the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous education in Australia.

Presenter: Corinne Podger

Speaker: Jacqueline Harper, Palm Island school teacher and member of the Deadly Runners team

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