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Threats made as evacuation centres closed

Threats made as evacuation centres closed

Updated 11 June 2014, 17:47 AEST

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office is fast running out of funds and says it won't be able to keep several evacuations centres open for much longer.

The evacuation centres were set up in and around Honiara after flash flooding that left tens of thousands of people homeless in April.

Tension is mounting over the NDMO's request for around 1500 flood victims to leave the centres and go back to their home provinces.

The NDMO's Director Loti Yates says members of his staff have been menaced and there have been threats to burn down their office as Sunday's deadline for the centres to close draws nearer.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Loti Yates, Director, National Disaster Management Office

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