Tonga calls home stars to begin World Cup Sevens training | Pacific Beat

Tonga calls home stars to begin World Cup Sevens training

Tonga calls home stars to begin World Cup Sevens training

Updated 5 June 2013, 11:00 AEST

Tonga is recalling its overseas stars ahead of the start of training for the Rugby Sevens World Cup in Moscow beginning later this month.

Head Coach, Etuwate Waqa says he'll be taking a formidable team to Russia.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Etuwate Waqa, head coach, Tonga Sevens

WAQA: Yeah, well right now it's a collective team, I'm getting players from everywhere, from Australia and from New Zealand and we're made up of some our local players are right now. We haven't engaged anything yet, but according to our last performance, in the last tournament, that we did attend I think we've made up a formidable team to contest for the Cup during the campaign in Moscow.
COUTTS: All right, so where will your toughest competition come from in Moscow?
WAQA: Well, we've got a very strong pool with us, we've got Fiji, and we've got Wales. We know that they're both World Champions and we're starting off our game against Fiji on the first day, but we're already in training now, most of our local players, but the overseas, they're training where they are, especially the ones in Japan and the ones in Australia and New Zealand before we get together on the 15th. that is next week.
COUTTS: Are you going to have to adopt a particular strategies to get your way through, not just against Fiji, but Wales as well, particular strategies that you'll have to adopt or players you'll have to adopt to be competitive in this World Cup?
WAQA: Yes, of course. I think I note to come up against Fiji, we've make up a very strong strategic defence. Hopefully that it can works for us and for Wales, we know that they'll be very strong around the rucking area and especially they'll be coming out very strong in the forwards and we've made up our plan also for that. And against Uruguay, we don't really know how Uruguay play, but we've played against them in Hong Kong during the play-offs we managed to beat them and I think we've got a fair bit of idea of how to counter them But against Fiji and Australia, we're expecting a very strong outing with them.
COUTTS: And what weather conditions will be playing this World Cup in in Moscow?
WAQA: Well hopefully, the way, I hope it'll be summer out there, but it'll be, hopefully it will be warm, especially because we are training out here in the tropical weather. But we've got our overseas based players, the ones from Japan and Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully, they're going to through the same conditions that we'll be playing through in Moscow.
And no matter what comes on that day, I think we're prepared for the tournament conditionally.
COUTTS: Now Rio will see Sevens in Olympics for the first time and if it continues to be in the Olympics, do you think that these World Cups are necessary, do you think the World Cups could be dropped if Sevens continues on in the Olympic program?
WAQA: No, I think the World Cup is the best platform where you prepare your team to go through to the Olympics. I think it's the next step to the Olympic Games and I think it's a blessing to every team to play in the World Cup before we go into the Olympic Games.
COUTTS: All right. Now, you've got your 24 man squad together with you now. They're training well and I'm guessing that you, no injuries at this stage and your training well, and so the preparations are going as smoothly as you would like?
WAQA: Yes, I think before we get back together on the 15th, we get together on the 15th, according to all the datas that we've been receiving from our overseas base, they're trainers have been looking after them. We've got a very result from all of them and hopefully we can put these things together a week before we leave for Moscow.
But right now, I think positively, I think we are all prepared for it, all the data base that we have been receiving.

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