Tonga flu outbreak a challenge for doctors | Pacific Beat

Tonga flu outbreak a challenge for doctors

Tonga flu outbreak a challenge for doctors

Updated 26 March 2014, 19:23 AEDT

A flu outbreak in Tonga is sending twice as many patients as usual to seek treatment.

Dr Villiame Vao, medical officer at Tonga's Vaiola hospital, says this is putting some strain on doctors, who are seeing flu sufferers all through their shift. Most people are being sent home for bed rest and are told to drink plenty of fluids. Dr Vao says that tests in New Zealand showed that the outbreak is flu and not dengue fever or measles as feared, but it is still quite a challenge to cope with.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Dr Villiame Vao, Tonga's Vaiola hospital


Bruce Hill

Bruce Hill


Bruce is one of the Pacific’s most experienced journalists with nearly 20 years covering the region and has won several international awards.

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