Tonga manslaughter case involves three police | Pacific Beat

Tonga manslaughter case involves three police

Tonga manslaughter case involves three police

Updated 21 November 2012, 18:03 AEDT

Over to Tonga now for an update on the manslaughter case involving three police officers.

This morning the three appeared in court, but had their case adjourned until January and were released on bail.

They were charged early this week over the death of a man after a fight at a party.

The results of a postmortem are due to be released shortly, and police are investigating reports the dead man and the police officers were attending separate parties.

For the latest, Helene Hofman spoke to reporter Mona Lisa Palu in Nukualofa.

Presenter: Helene Hofman

Speaker: Mona Lisa Palu in Nukualofa


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