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Tongans fail to get promised Solar savings

Tongans fail to get promised Solar savings

Updated 2 September 2013, 9:41 AEST

Tongans say the government has failed to cut the cost of electricity, as promised, after a major solar power station on Tongatapu began operating earlier this year.

The Civil Society Forum says people in Tonga are still waiting to see the cheaper rates and are starting to wonder if it's ever going to happen.

The government launched it's energy plan in 2010 with ambitious aims to cut its dependance from foreign energy sources and set a renewable energy target of 50% by 2020.

Pelenatita Kara from the Civil Society Forum, says more communication is needed from the government.

Presenter:Geraldine Coutts

Speaker:Pelenatita Kara, Civil Society Forum, Tonga

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