Tuvalu moves to boost its trade capacity | Pacific Beat

Tuvalu moves to boost its trade capacity

Tuvalu moves to boost its trade capacity

Updated 5 February 2013, 20:14 AEDT

Tuvalu's Deputy Prime Minister, Kausea Natano, has launched a new trade capacity building project that will help the Department of Trade, the private sector and civil society get together to update the coutry's trade policies.

The $1.1 million project will run over 3 years and will be managed by the United Nations Development Program.

Jemima Garrett asked UNDP's Pacific Resident Co-ordinator, Knut Ostby, why trade is seen as a priority.

Presenter: Jemima Garrett

Speaker:Knut Ostby, the United Nation's Development Program's Pacific Resident Co-ordinator


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