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Two Japanese tourists killed in Guam

Two Japanese tourists killed in Guam

Updated 13 February 2013, 18:20 AEDT

Extra police have been deployed to patrol a tourist strip in Guam where a man went on a stabbing rampage last night.

Two Japanese tourists were killed and several others injured, A man in his 20s has been arrested.

Mark Doman asked Tony Muna from Guam's Visitor Bureau for more details.

Presenter: Mark Doman

Speaker: Tony Muna from Guam's Visitor Bureau

MUNA: Umm, currently right now, we have confirmed that there were 14 victims that were injured and two confirmed fatalities. One passed away at the scene, the other passed away at the hospital.

DOMAN: Do you know where those people were from?

MUNA: Currently right now, the two that have passed away are from, are Japanese nationals.

DOMAN: OK. It's obviously a shocking day for Guam and I guess even the United States. How is everyone there dealing with this incident?

MUNA: We are definitely very shocked about this, because this is an isolated incident. Out of the tens-of-millions of visitors that have come to Guam over the past 40 years of tourism history, this has never happened. And so for this to happen now is, is, is, really shocks our community and so Guam is safe destination and this is an isolated incident and our hearts really go out to the families of the victims and we're going to do everything possible to ensure that, to ensure that we help assist them as best we can and Governor Calvo has pledged that the individual be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

DOMAN: And I take it the governor has been in touch with, with the Japanese Consulate?

MUNA: Yes, well the Japanese Consulate, the Consular-General here on Guam and providing regular updates to both the Governor and to the Japanese Consulate

DOMAN: Have you heard anything about the Japanese reaction to this?

MUNA: Hmm, currently right now, no, we're focusing on the victims and trying to get as much information about the incident as possible.

DOMAN: Do you know how the victims who have been taken to hospital, how they're going, what sort of condition they're in?

MUNA: That, right now, we're trying to confirm the condition of the, of those that were transported to the hospital,

DOMAN: What do you know about the man whose been arrested?

MUNA: Right now, what we know is he's a young local male, in his 20s and he's been detained by the police. He's in the custody of the police, the Guam Police Department and as of right now that's all we know about the suspect.

DOMAN: Sure, so you don't know if he's been charged yet?

MUNA: I believe he has been formally charged, but as far as the list of charges, I'm not to sure what the full extent of the charges are.

DOMAN: Sure, I take it the place where this incident took place was a fairly popular area for tourists. Are there any plans to increase security in that area?

MUNA: Yes, we have spoken to the Guam Police Department. They're going to be increasing security among other efforts to keep our visitors and local communities safe, those who go to the Tumon tourist DIstrict.

DOMAN: OK. Tony. Just briefly, can you run me through also what you know about the incident, what actually happened there?

MUNA: OK. From the reports that we have received, the male had driven onto a sidewalk and hit a couple of pedestrians and then proceeded to go back onto the main road and crashed into one of the stores at the plaza and after that had happened, the reports are saying, that he came out of the car and proceeded to stab some of the people within the vicinity.

DOMAN: A shocking, a shocking day for Guam.

MUNA: Yes, it is. This is again our hearts go out to the families of the victims and this is an isolated incident and tourists come to Guam. Every single year, over a million tourists and this has not happened, and so Guam is still a safe destination and we're just going to keep promoting Guam as a safe destination and doing everything we can to keep our visitors and our local community safe.

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