UN climate talks 'Groundhog Day': Niue premier | Pacific Beat

UN climate talks 'Groundhog Day': Niue premier

UN climate talks 'Groundhog Day': Niue premier

Updated 3 October 2014, 16:32 AEST

The Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, has broken ranks with his fellow Pacific leaders and likened the recent climate talks in Samoa and America to the Hollywood movie Groundhog Day.

Against a wave of Pacific optimism, particularly after the UN Secretary-General's summit in New York, Mr Talagi says he's not convinced that a worthwhile global deal can be reached at the climate summit in Paris next year.

At the recent meeting of the Small Island Developing States in Apia, much was made of the partnership deals that were agreed, but Toke Talagi says what's needed is not more partnerships, but for those already established to deliver in terms of real action on climate change.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Toke Talagi, Premier, Niue

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