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Vanuatu group wants only locally born in elections | Pacific Beat

Vanuatu group wants only locally born in elections

Vanuatu group wants only locally born in elections

Updated 15 November 2012, 18:12 AEDT

Vanuatu's Nagriamel movement is calling on the new parliament to amend the country's constitution to ensure only people born in the island nation can contest its elections.

The calls after US born, Vanuatu citizen Robert Bohm, and Australian born Roger Francis Pinerua, both won seats in the national elections.

The Nagriament is Vanuatu's custom movement, and it says being born overseas means you do not have the Melanesian values which are the basis of Vanuatu's Constitution.

The Secretary General of the movement Jeff Patunvanu spoke to local reporter Hillaire Bule.

Presenter: Hillaire Bule

Speaker:Jeff Patanvanu, the Secretary of Vanuatu's Nagriament Movement


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