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Vanuatu political standoff heading to the courts | Pacific Beat

Vanuatu political standoff heading to the courts

Vanuatu political standoff heading to the courts

Updated 4 December 2012, 17:56 AEDT

Vanuatu's political machinations look like ending up in the country's courts once again.

It's just over a month since the country held national elections, and just over a fortnight since Sato Kilman was re-elected Prime Minister.

But late last week the opposition tabled a no confidence motion against him, only to have the speaker of parliament, and a long time supporter of Prime Minister Kilman, George Wells, rule it out of order.

Now the opposition is taking the issue to the courts.

Opposition MP Ralph Regenvanu explained what's going on to Australia Network Pacific Correspondent Sean Dorney.

Presenter: Sean Dorney.

Speaker: Vanuatu opposition MP Ralph Regenvanu


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