Vanuatu reaffirms support West Papuan membership of MSG | Pacific Beat

Vanuatu reaffirms support West Papuan membership of MSG

Vanuatu reaffirms support West Papuan membership of MSG

Updated 10 June 2015, 11:23 AEST

The Vanuatu government says it remains committed to supporting a bid by West Papuan groups for membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

The foreign ministers and leaders of the MSG countries will meet in Honiara later this month to consider the membership application by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

But in recent weeks the prime ministers of both Papua New Guinea and Fiji have indicated they'd rather see Indonesia made an associate member of MSG.

PNG's PM Peter O'Neill has gone a step further and said he'd like to the governors of Indonesia's Papuan provinces sit at the MSG table as they're more representative than West papuan groups outside Indonesia.

Last week Vanuatu's Prime Minister Joe Natuman sacked his Foreign Minister Sato Kilman.

Mr Natuman's spokesman Kiery Manassah says Mr Kilman was dismissed primarily for disloyalty, but also because he undermined the government's support for the West Papuan groups.

Presenter: Liam Fox

Speaker: Kiery Manassah, Vanuatu's government spokesman

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