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Women win seats in PNG's Parliament

Women win seats in PNG's Parliament

Updated 23 July 2012, 17:30 AEST

Two women have won seats in Papua New Guinea's general election.

Delilah Gore and Loujaya Toni, who represent two different political parties, succeeded despite widespread opinions that no woman would win a seat in this year's election.

Their win is seen as major political step for women in PNG, which had only one female parliamentarian for the past couple of years, Dame Carol Kidu who retired last month.

Delilah Gore from Oro Province is a member of the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party and was declared the first female candidate to be elected in an announcement on the weekend.

She says her victory is due to the women's vote.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: New PNG member of Parliament Delilah Gore from Oro Province


Bruce Hill

Bruce Hill


Bruce is one of the Pacific’s most experienced journalists with nearly 20 years covering the region and has won several international awards.

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