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Fiji defends its human rights record to the United Nations

Updated 30 October 2014, 11:55 AEDT

Fiji has faced the United Nations to defend its record on human rights.

Molten lava heading towards the Hawaiian village of Pahoa

Updated 30 October 2014, 11:56 AEDT

In Hawaii, the flow of red-hot lava from the Kilauea volcano in the Puna region on the Big Island of Hawaii continues to claim land and property.

Big Pacific tuna surveillance operation nabs record number of culprits

Updated 30 October 2014, 10:24 AEDT

The Pacific's biggest ever fisheries surveillance operation has just finished with a record number of boats found to be in potential breach of their licences.

Molten lava reaches Hawaii residential areas

Updated 29 October 2014, 17:21 AEDT

Lava continues to flow from the Kilauea volcano in the Puna region on the Big Island of Hawaii, after burning down one residential property in the region's largest town, Pahoa.

Oro governor blames illegal loggers for attempts to oust him

Updated 29 October 2014, 17:21 AEDT

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Oro Province Gary Juffa, has reacted furiously to attempts to remove him through a vote of no confidence.

Fiji's 2014 sugar season best in 130 years

Updated 29 October 2014, 17:22 AEDT

Fiji's sugar cane crushing season is drawing to a close, with the government saying it's been the best result in 130 years.

Relatives of Bougainville's missing hoping for closure

Updated 29 October 2014, 17:23 AEDT

Relatives of those who disappeared without a trace during Bougainville's bloody civil war say they're relieved the fate of their loved ones will soon be investigated.

Small nations and small fims a priority for Pacific tourism org

Updated 29 October 2014, 17:24 AEDT

Helping small Pacific-owned tourism businesses and the smallest Pacific countries and are top priorities for the South Pacific Tourism Organisation.

No easy options to improve standards in Pacific women's soccer

Updated 31 October 2014, 10:34 AEDT

In soccer, the 2014 OFC Women's Nations Cup has been won as expected by New Zealand, with the Football Ferns securing a place at the World Cup in Canada next year.

Kilauea's lava flow hits residential property on Hawaii's Big Island

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:35 AEDT

In Hawaii, there's news this morning that the lava flow from the Kilauea volcano has crossed onto residential property and is threatening homes around Pahoa on the Big Island.

State senator hopes to stay in business as lava flow advances

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:36 AEDT

Standing outside his business, a natural food store in Pahoa, Hawaii State Senator Russell Ruderman can see the lava flow from Kilauea volcano just a few hundred yards away.

Concerns Fiji's PM has a 'winner takes all' approach to government

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:37 AEDT

Fiji's prime minister Frank Bainimarama has been accused of showing favouritism to supporters of his Fiji First party by granting them development projects, while denying aid to opposition voters.

Pacific's young leaders tackle future challenges together

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:37 AEDT

Future leaders from 18 Pacific countries gathered Vanuatu this week to develop their leadership skills, and meet the region's other bright stars.

Pressure mounting for a ban on fishing technique that targets endanger

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:38 AEDT

The drive to stop some longline tuna boats from targetting endangered sharks is gathering momentum.

Ebola virus a target of NZ portable DNA testing device

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:40 AEDT

A portable DNA testing device has been developed by researchers from New Zealand's Otago University, which could be used to help curtail the spread of Ebola.

Football Ferns leaving nothing to chance as World Cup place beckons

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:41 AEDT

On to soccer, and only the most extraordinary results can prevent New Zealand from being crowned women's champions of Oceania later today.

Tongan women's soccer looks to the future after bruising competition

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:45 AEDT

The Tongan team had a very tough day at the office in round 1 of the competition, shipping 16 goals without replay against the New Zealanders.

50 years on - keeping the spirit of rugby alive in Hawaii

Updated 29 October 2014, 12:46 AEDT

When rugby is talked about in the Pacific, the name of Hawaii is unlikely to be mentioned often, if ever, but this year marks 50 years since the sport officially arrived on the islands of America's 50th state.

Fiji PM to reward supporters with development

Updated 28 October 2014, 17:51 AEDT

Fiji's prime minister has been accused of using development projects as a way of rewarding his supporters and punishing thiose who voted against him.

Refugee boys bashed on Nauru

Updated 28 October 2014, 17:50 AEDT

Reports from Nauru say four young refugees were badly bashed by a group of locals over the weekened.

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