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New PM to apologise to PNG Prime Minister

15 January 2008, 17:04 AEDT

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Doctor Derek Sikua is planning to apologise to Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare in his first stop of a fence mending tour of the region.

Police deny crime is out of control

15 January 2008, 15:51 AEDT

Vanuatu police have rejected reports that crime is seriously out of control in the capital, Port Vila.

Forecasters monitoring possible cyclone

15 January 2008, 15:50 AEDT

There are fears a tropical cyclone is forming near Fiji.

Anthropologist questions Polynesian origins theory

15 January 2008, 15:48 AEDT

A Tongan academic says Archaeologists working in the Pacific need to take greater account of tradition knowledge, such as oral history.

Mission to study coral in Southern Ocean

15 January 2008, 15:46 AEDT

Australia's national research vessel, the Southern Surveyor, is about to leave the Tasmanian capital Hobart bound for the Southern Ocean on a mission to study coral off the coast of Australia's island state.

Concern over environmental impact of nickel mine

14 January 2008, 16:40 AEDT

The Lutheran Church has petitioned the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Sir Michael Somare to consider the harmful effects on the environmental from the Ramu Nickel mine in Madang province.

Union head sues government for unfair dismissal

14 January 2008, 15:42 AEDT

The Tongan government and prime minister are being sued for around three quarters of a million US dollars by the country's Public Service Association.

Condom machines installed in Honiara

14 January 2008, 15:41 AEDT

In a first for the Solomon Islands, condom dispensers will be installed at 15 locations around the capital, Honiara in a bid to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

KMT victory unlikely to change Pacific policy

14 January 2008, 14:56 AEDT

A victory by Taiwan's opposition Kuomintang party in Saturday's parliamentary elections is unlikely to change the country's policy of seeking diplomatic influence among small island states in the Pacific.

Surgeon calls for action over stray dogs

21 December 2007, 14:43 AEDT

The doctor treating a i-Kiribati boy who was mauled by a pack of dogs last month has called on local councils to do more about stray dogs on Tarawa.

Julian Moti to be sent back to Australia

21 December 2007, 13:51 AEDT

The new Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Derek Sikua says the country's Attorney General, controversial Australian lawyer Julian Moti, will be sent back to Australia.

Aftershocks continue after powerful quake

21 December 2007, 13:28 AEDT

Aftershocks are continuing to rattle the eastern New Zealand city of Gisborne after a powerful earthquake measuring six-point-eight on the richter scale.

Fa'afafine urged not to get female tattoos

21 December 2007, 13:23 AEDT

Samoan Fa'afafine, boys who are raised as girls, are being discouraged from getting a style of tattoo reserved for women.

Government sues newspaper for defamation

21 December 2007, 13:22 AEDT

Tonga's government is taking the pro-democracy movement newspaper, the Kele'a, to court for defamation.

Boxer's passion changed his life

21 December 2007, 13:22 AEDT

Nick Calibud grew up in what's known of as the 'settlement', in Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby.

Dr Derek Sikua elected PM

20 December 2007, 17:05 AEDT

In Solomon Islands there's a new government with today's election of Opposition candidate Derek Sikua as Prime Minister.

Groundwater crisis in capital

20 December 2007, 17:02 AEDT

Tuvalu's capital, Funafuti, which supports half the population of the small Pacific nation, is running out of fresh groundwater.

PNG:Small farmer coffee notches up first in China

20 December 2007, 16:58 AEDT

Small coffee growers in Papua New Guinea have signed a deal to sell their coffee to the first gourmet coffee shops to open in Shanghai, in China.

PM candidate concedes defeat.

20 December 2007, 16:57 AEDT

The losing candidate for the job of prime minister of Solomon Islands, Patteson Oti has conceded defeat.

Sols High Comm predicts improved relations

20 December 2007, 16:55 AEDT

The Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Bernard Bata-anisia says relations between Solomon Islands, PNG and Australia will improve with the election of the new Solomon Islands Prime Minister.

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