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PNG foreign minister optimistic on ECP's future

30 May 2005, 13:19 AEST

Papua New Guinea says Australian police may be able to return to the country as soon as August, without any need to change the country's constitution.

Political observer believes ECP is dead

30 May 2005, 13:19 AEST

Australia's A$800 million police intervention program in Papua New Guinea is effectively dead, according to a leading observer in Port Moresby.

Hindi, Fijian to become compulsory in schools

30 May 2005, 13:19 AEST

The teaching of languages in schools is back on the agenda in Fiji, although it appears this time the government's latest initiative has broad support.

Roll problems won't affect Bougainville vote

27 May 2005, 15:17 AEST

Electoral officials in Papua New Guinea's province of Bougainville say any irregularities with the electoral roll won't affect the establishment of the Island's first autonomous government.

Regional free trade to kick off in weeks

27 May 2005, 15:17 AEST

Pacific island trade ministers say they want their trade deal with Europe to go beyond traditional agreements.

Solomon Islanders raise funds for home

27 May 2005, 12:03 AEST

It's starting to get cold here in Melbourne, but the Solomon Islands' community in Victoria is planning to warm up this weekend.

Celebrity Love offers reality TV tourism boost

27 May 2005, 12:03 AEST

What do you get when you place a group of British celebrities in an exotic Pacific location and hope they fall in love with one another? Answer: a tourism boom.

Skills shortage in the building industry

26 May 2005, 15:19 AEST

A booming building industry in Papua New Guinea has led to a skills shortage in the country.

Sir Rabbie rules out constitutional changes

26 May 2005, 15:19 AEST

Papua New Guinea has told Australia there'll be no change to the PNG Constitution to get a return of the Australian police deployment.

Organisers say 20,000 people in demonstration

26 May 2005, 15:19 AEST

A huge crowd is reported to have attended a protest march in the Tongan Capital Nuku'alofa on Thursday afternoon.

Japanese emperor to visit in June

26 May 2005, 13:38 AEST

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is preparing to welcome the 125th Emperor of Japan next month.

Concern for children in detention centres

26 May 2005, 13:38 AEST

In Australia, the plight of Amy Leung, the three-year-old daughter of a Malaysian citizen in a detention for illegal immigrants, has raised public concern over locking up children.

Law Society says Unity Bill is still a mystery

26 May 2005, 13:38 AEST

The Fiji Law Society fears the government's proposed Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill will threaten the rule of law.

Governor strips CUC board of its power

26 May 2005, 13:38 AEST

Power outages in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands over the past two weeks have resulted in Governor Juan N.

Only minor hiccups in Bougainville poll

25 May 2005, 15:19 AEST

Electoral authorities in Bougainville say polling for the Papua New Guinea province's first autonomous government is going according to plan, despite a few minor problems.

Protest march to deliver petition to King

25 May 2005, 15:19 AEST

A protest march will go ahead in Nuku'alofa on Thursday to present a petition to the King of Tonga at the opening of parliament.

Namaliu wants to get ECP back on track

25 May 2005, 15:19 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Foreign Minister is on his way to Australia for crisis talks over the future of Australia's aid program to our nearest neighbour.

Moves towards Malaita oil palm development

25 May 2005, 15:19 AEST

The Solomon Islands government has held its first meeting with chiefs on Malaita over plans for a big new oil palm development on the island.

Court says English law does apply to island

25 May 2005, 12:20 AEST

The Supreme Court of Pitcairn Island has today rejected the defence of six islander men, who had been convicted of sexual assault.

French Territories move towards Euro

25 May 2005, 12:16 AEST

New Caledonia's Congress is to discuss plans to adopt the European currency, the Euro, in the French Pacific territory.

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