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Unpopular with mining industry

13 March 2007, 17:31 AEDT

Papua New Guinea has been ranked as one of the least attractive countries for mining investment by a leading international survey of mining executives.

Diplomatic standoff with Australia continues

13 March 2007, 14:13 AEDT

The prolonged diplomatic standoff between Australia and Solomon Islands has taken another dire turn.

Resort project announced despite upheaval

12 March 2007, 16:51 AEDT

A major hotel chain has announced it's building a five star resort in Tonga, despite last year's riot which severely damaged the capital, Nuku'alofa.

Samoans take citizenship status to UN

12 March 2007, 16:51 AEDT

A group of Samoan New Zealanders have taken their fight for New Zealand citizenship rights for Samoans to the United Nations.

Ousted PM being investigated by police

12 March 2007, 16:51 AEDT

Fiji's interim government is stepping up the pressure on its political opponents launching a police investigation into ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase for treason.

Four killed in floods

12 March 2007, 16:51 AEDT

In Fiji, severe flooding in the northern and Western Divisions has claimed four lives.

Calls for legislation to protect mineral resources

12 March 2007, 16:51 AEDT

There's been a renewed call on Pacific Island nations to enact legislation to protect mineral resources which one day may be a major source of revenue.

Media feeling pressured

9 March 2007, 15:45 AEDT

Fiji's Media council says reporters and media outlets have become too scared to report the whole story on the situation in the country, post coup.

Parliament set to hold inquiry into Pacific relations

9 March 2007, 15:45 AEDT

New Zealand's parliament is to hold an inquiry into the countries' relations with the Pacific.

Report finds money isn't being spent on priority areas

9 March 2007, 15:45 AEDT

A World Bank sponsored survey on Public Expenditure in Papua New Guinea has found that the government does not spend money on priority areas.

Fijian arrested for fraudulent scam.

9 March 2007, 15:45 AEDT

The Fijian charged with operating a fraudulent scam in Vanuatu could have collected up to 20 thousand US dollars from unsuspecting ni-Vans.

Government survives no-confidence vote

9 March 2007, 14:27 AEDT

Niue's government has survived a vote of no confidence.

Dolphins and whales get more protection

9 March 2007, 10:57 AEDT

The future of the regions whales and dolphins is under the microscope this week in Samoa's capital Apia.

Police are gathering evidence against arrested Fijians

8 March 2007, 17:05 AEDT

Police in the autonomous PNG province of Bougainville are continuing to gather evidence against the four Fijians they now have in custody.

General elections may not be possible by 2010

8 March 2007, 17:05 AEDT

Fiji's interim government believes the target of 2010 for general elections may not be possible.

Police confident Port Vila will be safe

8 March 2007, 17:05 AEDT

Vanuatu police are confident the capital Port Vila will be safe next week, when the city hosts a number of significant regional political meetings.

Compliance report on discrimination launched

8 March 2007, 17:05 AEDT

Two United Nations offices in the Pacific have launched a report showing the level of compliance of nine island countries to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Who will be the interim government's vice president?

8 March 2007, 14:57 AEDT

In Fiji, the guessing game continues as to who will be the interim government's Vice President.

US human rights report critical of abuse since coup

8 March 2007, 11:45 AEDT

The United States has come out with a stinging attack on the abuse of human rights in Fiji since last year's coup.

Tourist industry turns 40

7 March 2007, 16:48 AEDT

Guam's tourist industry celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

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