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Defeated B'ville candidate calls poll 'fraudulent'

6 June 2005, 15:10 AEST

Defeated Bougainville presidential candidate John Momis is mounting a legal challenge against the election of Joseph Kabui.

Audit Office saving govt millions

6 June 2005, 12:56 AEST

Millions of dollars of government money have been lost through poor management, corruption and fraud in Solomon Islands.

Researcher obtains first RMI doctorate

6 June 2005, 12:56 AEST

A woman from the Marshall Islands has become the first person from that country to gain a doctorate, with a study of Marshallese students in the United States.

Kabui polling well as B'ville count continues

3 June 2005, 15:57 AEST

The first results for the autonomous election are now starting to filter through to the tally room on Bougainville.

New B'ville MP hopeful of Ona reconciliation

3 June 2005, 15:18 AEST

There's optimism today that the new autonomous government will be able to bring about reconciliation with rebel leader Francis Ona.

Murder sparks concerns over ex-convicts

3 June 2005, 15:18 AEST

Vanuatu's ombudsman has called for the freedom of movement of ex-convicts to be restricted.

Thousands detained for alcohol offences

3 June 2005, 13:27 AEST

In New Caledonia, police are concerned about an increase in public drunkenness.

Government, women clash over funding

3 June 2005, 13:27 AEST

Who do you trust? That's the political theme which appears to have surfaced in Vanuatu, in a stand-off between a women's organisation and the government, over funding of last month's Women's Jubilee celebrations.

Property market still languishing

3 June 2005, 13:27 AEST

Guam's housing authority is playing down rumours it's planning to sell a retirement home, located on a prime real estate site.

Ballot counting slow, but on schedule

2 June 2005, 15:17 AEST

The historic autonomous Bougainville government election is nearing completion this afternoon, with counting of ballots progressing according to schedule.

New coach brings Brazilian techniques

2 June 2005, 15:17 AEST

Well, it's official.

World Bank announces new Pacific strategy

2 June 2005, 15:17 AEST

The World Bank has a new four-year Pacific strategy that will focus on helping governments deliver services more effectively to poor people and increasing the role of the private sector.

Labour walk-out from Unity Bill debate

2 June 2005, 15:17 AEST

Fiji's opposition Labour Party walk out of parliament on Thursday, to protest against the government-sponsored Reconciliation, Tolerance and unity Bill, which was being debated.

Power crisis negotiations continue

2 June 2005, 12:05 AEST

Residents of the island of Saipan, in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, are still facing power cuts.

Police and military concerned about Unity bill

2 June 2005, 12:05 AEST

Fiji's commissioner of police, Andrew Hughes, has held discussions with armed forces commander Frank Bainimarama over concerns with the government's proposed "Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill.

Australian opposition warns of Temotu crisis

2 June 2005, 12:05 AEST

Australia's shadow minister for Pacific affairs, Bob Sercombe, is today warning of a humanitarian crisis in the Solomon Islands' Temotu Province.

Bougainville wants Australians at ceremony

2 June 2005, 12:05 AEST

Australian police have been invited by local leaders on Bougainville to return to the Papua New Guinea island and take part in the inauguration of the new autonomous government.

Teachers dying of hivaids could force the closure of some schools

2 June 2005, 12:05 AEST

In Papua New Guinea, education officials are warning many schools could be forced to close due to the ever-increasing number of teachers dying from HIV-AIDS related illnesses.

Tourist operators reject 'sleaze' label

2 June 2005, 12:05 AEST

Japanese businessmen and tour agents have criticised the prevalence of explicit sexual content in two U-S Pacific territories.

More details revealed on 1985 Greenpeace bombing

1 June 2005, 15:30 AEST

Twenty years after the sinking of Greenpeace protest ship, the Rainbow Warrior, the attack still attracts controversy.

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