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Concern over "Ice" discovery in Samoa

12 December 2007, 14:49 AEDT

Australia is to work more closely with Pacific countries to tackle drug use and drug trafficking in the region.

Political stability helps strong economic growth

12 December 2007, 14:42 AEDT

Vanuatu's minister for finance, Willie Jimmy, says political stability and lack of natural disasters have contributed immensely to the strong economic growth in the republic.

Claims petrol prices being dictated by InterOil

11 December 2007, 16:10 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Trade Union movement has accused the P-N-G government of allowing the Canadian oil company, InterOil to dictate fuel prices in the country.

Red Cross first outsiders on Cikobia

11 December 2007, 15:49 AEDT

The first outsiders to visit cyclone damaged Cikobia in Fiji's north have arrived by helicopter.

Opposition claims majority with defection

11 December 2007, 15:49 AEDT

The Solomon Islands Opposition is claiming majority support with the defection of a senior government minister, just two days before a scheuled meeting of parliament.

Police Commissioner outraged at claims

11 December 2007, 14:57 AEDT

Solomon Islands Police Commissioner Jahir Khan has cricitised the media for questioning the recent use of a patrol boat.

credit rating upgrade

11 December 2007, 14:48 AEDT

Cook Islands has won an upgrade to its foreign and local currency credit ratings from international ratings agency, Standard and Poors.

New gold find at Raki Raki

11 December 2007, 14:45 AEDT

Significant new finds of gold have been made in Fiji, at Raki Raki on the main island of Viti Levu.

Womens group wins Pacific human rights award

11 December 2007, 14:43 AEDT

A women's peace group in Papua New Guinea has won the seventh annual Pacific Human Rights Awards.

Post election number crunching continues

11 December 2007, 14:41 AEDT

The Marshall Islands looks set to have a coalition government for the first time in its history.

Claims cargo cult disrupting flood aid

10 December 2007, 17:31 AEDT

Papua New Guinea disaster officials have raised concerns about a religious cult group that is allegedly interfering with relief efforts to help thousands of people affected by heavy flooding in Oro province.

Govt to close Pacific detention camps

10 December 2007, 17:29 AEDT

Australia's new Labor Government is making good its promise to close down the so-called 'Pacific Solution', that's seen asylum seekers accommodated and processed on Nauru and on Manus Island in PNG.

Help for cyclone damaged Cikobia

10 December 2007, 17:27 AEDT

In Fiji, a helicopter carrying Red Cross officials and emergency supplies flew to cyclone damaged Cikobia this afternoon.

Speaker says Parliament to meet December 13

10 December 2007, 17:24 AEDT

The speaker of the Solomon Islands Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea says his office is going ahead with preparations for parliament to sit this week.

Bilateral talks with PNG discuss Solomons and Fiji

10 December 2007, 17:22 AEDT

Foreign Ministers from New Zealand and Papua New Guinea have been meeting in Port Moresby to discuss aid programs and concerns in Solomon Islands and Fiji.

New PM pledges to work with New Zealand

10 December 2007, 17:22 AEDT

Australia's new Prime Minister has pledged to work with New Zealand to deal with common security interests in the South Pacific and climate change issues.

Bali delegates hear that islands are uninhabitable

7 December 2007, 16:39 AEDT

Delegates at the Climate Change Confernece in Bali are urging the international community to act now to reduce the impact of green house gas emissions.

Children at risk from violence

7 December 2007, 16:39 AEDT

A new book has been recently released on child killings in New Zealand, with some disturbing results.

Volcano monitoring damaged

7 December 2007, 16:39 AEDT

Vandalised monitoring equipment, has made it increasingly difficult for Papua New Guinea's Rabaul Volcano Observatory, to monitor recent activity on Karkar Island in the Madang province.

Court delays decision on Parliament's return

7 December 2007, 16:39 AEDT

The Solomon Islands High Court says it does not have enough information to strike out Prime Minister Sogavare's attempt to put off the December 13 sitting of parliament.

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