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Drought causes water shortage

2 March 2007, 13:31 AEDT

Fresh water is scarce in the Marshall Islands' capital of Majuro with residents only able to access fresh tap water on two days of the week due to government restrictions.

Fact-finding mission to recommend federalisation of immigration

2 March 2007, 11:34 AEDT

A fact-finding mission to the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas has been seeking local views about the plan by the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to federalise the Territory's immigration system.

Trade Union Congress says PM should resign

1 March 2007, 17:05 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Trade Union Congress has called on Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, to resign over his conduct in disbanding an inquiry into the escape of wanted Australian lawyer Julian Moti from PNG, to the Solomon Islands last October.

Maori frustrated by treaty settlement process

1 March 2007, 17:05 AEDT

Maori frustrated by New Zealand's treaty settlement process and the courts are being urged to use direct action and re-possess disputed land.

Emergency budget to be handed down

1 March 2007, 16:57 AEDT

Government workers in Fiji are bracing for a pay cut which is expected to form part of the military regime's emergency budget to be handed down on Friday.

Prerogative of Mercy Committee Meets

1 March 2007, 16:57 AEDT

The Solomon Islands Prerogative of Mercy Committee met on Wednesday for the first time since 2005, to consider applications by prisoners for pardon.

Striking inmates resume eating

1 March 2007, 13:03 AEDT

In Solomon Islands, eight of the ten inmates who went on a hunger strike on Monday started eating again at lunch time today.

US calling for a return to democracy

1 March 2007, 13:03 AEDT

The United States Government has repeated its call for a quicker return to democracy in the coup-striken island of Fiji.

Villagers don't wait for government, build own road

28 February 2007, 16:34 AEDT

Ten thousand Papua New Guinea villagers from Chimbu Province have built their own road to link their settlements to the Highlands Highway.

Defence Minister sacked

28 February 2007, 16:34 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister has confirmed sacking his Defence minister following the completion of an inquiry into the escape of wanted Australian lawyer Julian Moti from PNG to Solomon Islands last October.

The day China blew in

28 February 2007, 16:27 AEDT

Gritty air courtesy of sand deposits which have travelled from China via Sibera and Japan have engulfed Northern Guam in smog and haze.

USP's small campuses to get ICT boost

28 February 2007, 16:27 AEDT

The University of the South Pacific's push to improve its information and communications technology links with its 12 campuses outside its Fiji hub has won support from the World Bank.

FBI charge two more over prostitution ring

27 February 2007, 16:47 AEDT

The FBI in American Samoa has arrested two more Chinese nationals on charges of aiding in the transport of women to engage in prostitution.

NGO's support Eminent Persons report

27 February 2007, 16:47 AEDT

A paper by a number of Fiji's more prominent NGO's expressing overwhelming support for the Eminent Persons Group report is to be presented to the Pacific Island Forum's Foreign Affairs Ministers meeting next month.

Former police commissioner speaks

27 February 2007, 16:47 AEDT

Earlier this month, Australian Shane Castles announced he would not be fighting to return to Solomon Islands.

Prison remandees on hunger strike

27 February 2007, 16:47 AEDT

A number of remandees at Solomon Islands' main prison in Honiara are on a hunger strike, which they began on Monday.

Chinese probably spying on Pacific Islands

27 February 2007, 12:11 AEDT

China is probably spying on many island nations in the South Pacific, according to a former CIA adviser.

Government backs down from re-arming police.

27 February 2007, 12:00 AEDT

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister has decided not to re-arm the nation's police force.

Inquiry planning to deliver final report

26 February 2007, 17:13 AEDT

A Papua New Guinea Defence Force Board of Inquiry into the escape of wanted Australian lawyer Julian Moti from PNG, to Solomon Islands is expected to still deliver its final report to the government despite being disbanded.

AIDS rates higher in uniform personnel

26 February 2007, 17:09 AEDT

The incidence of AIDS amongst the regions uniformed services is 5 to 10 per cent higher than in civilian populations.

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