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Bureau keeping close eye on cyclone

7 December 2007, 16:39 AEDT

Fiji's bureau of meteorology is keeping a close on on the erratic behaviour of tropical cyclone Daman as it approaches the northern parts of the country.

PNG:Health Minister wants to tackle domestic violence

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Minister for Health Sasa Zibe will be engaging private lawfirms to prosecute offenders who commit violence against women.

PNG:Unions say locals sacked for foreign workers

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

Papua New Guineans are losing their jobs to foreign unskilled workers, according to the Union movement, and the unions want something done to stop the practice.

Researchers use honey to treat cancer

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

Researchers at the University of Waikato in New Zealand are studying the uses of honey, in the treatment of Cancer patients.

Australia doubles Oro flood aid

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

Australia is doubling its aid to help victims of Papua New Guinea's flood disaster.

PNG sponsors Solomons students

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

The Papua New Guinea government has made good on its commitment to assist Solomon Islands students studying at PNG tertiary institutions.

Poor struggle to access legal help

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Public Solicitor has admitted there is a gross inequality among ordinary people trying to access legal aid through his office.

FIJI:Environmentalists concerned about mining exploration

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

Scientists and environmental groups are concerned about the impact of new mining exploration and a possible big, new, gold and copper mine on Fiji's main island of Viti Levu.

Convicted former PM maintains innocence

6 December 2007, 16:12 AEDT

Former Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza who has been handed a five-month prison sentence today, is still maintaining his innocence.

Call for overseas Niueans to do more for homeland

5 December 2007, 16:54 AEDT

Reports that the Niue government is bankrupt have led to calls for overseas Niuean communities to do more to help their homeland.

High Court challenge to Parliament's recall

5 December 2007, 16:54 AEDT

The Solomon Islands High Court is hearing a challenge to the Governor-General's decision to recall Parliament.

Uncertainty over who has the power to govern Nauru

5 December 2007, 16:54 AEDT

As the end of the year approaches there is still uncertainty in Nauru about who has the numbers to run the country.

One year on from the coup

5 December 2007, 16:54 AEDT

In Fiji, it's one year today that the military led by Commodore Frank Bainimarama staged a coup ousting the Qarase goverment from office.

Opposition claims election victory

4 December 2007, 17:18 AEDT

The Marshall Islands opposition has today claimed victory, a fortnight after elections.

Huniehu outlines Opposition Policies

4 December 2007, 16:10 AEDT

The Solomon Islands parliamentary opposition has launched its policy statement as it attempts to remove Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare from power.

Papuan films to screen at Bali conference

4 December 2007, 16:10 AEDT

The issue of reducing carbon emissions from deforestation is firmly on the table at UN talks being held on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Journalist Tavake Fusimalohi dies

4 December 2007, 16:10 AEDT

Prominent Tongan journalist Tavake Fusimalohi has died.

PNG:Super fund posts record returns for over 240,000 members

4 December 2007, 16:10 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's National superannuation fund, NASFUND, will give members a record return on their retirement savings of more than 25% for 2007.

Anti-coup groups still divided on goals and strategy

3 December 2007, 16:20 AEDT

Groups in Fiji and overseas working for the removal of the military-installed interim government have so far not been able to find a way to work closely together, or to formulate a viable political alternative.

Interim PM accuses lawyers of judge shopping

3 December 2007, 16:20 AEDT

Fiji's law society says it will conduct investigations into allegations by the interim prime minister that elements of the legal fraternity are corrupt.

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