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Young singer at forefront of HIV-Aids campaign

26 July 2007, 15:51 AEST

Papua New Guinea is the Pacific country most directly threatened by HIV-Aids with horrendous projections about what proportion of its six-and-a-half million people could be infected within a decade.

predictions one in two living in poverty by 2020

26 July 2007, 10:40 AEST

One in two Fijians will be living in poverty by 2020 is the stark prediction by economist Dr Satish Chand.

Nurses strike gathers momentum

25 July 2007, 16:59 AEST

A strike by nurses in Fiji is gathering momentum with the country's major hospitals and clinics reduced to offering skeleton services.

Doubts on Somare/Mekere alliance

25 July 2007, 16:02 AEST

Former Papua New Guinea politician Sir Peter Barter has suggested Sir Michael Somare and Sir Mekere Morauta could join together to form the next government.

Government ready for further talks with nurses

25 July 2007, 16:02 AEST

Fiji's Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau says her door is open for further talks with the striking nurses.

Public servants jobs threatened over petition

25 July 2007, 16:01 AEST

Talks aimed at preventing industrial action by Tongan public servants will be held next week.

VANUATU:Volunteers for World Bank Forest Initiative

25 July 2007, 16:00 AEST

Vanuatu has volunteered to be one of the pilot countries for the World Bank's new initiative to find a way to pay developing nations NOT to clear fell their remaining forests.

New political grouping takes shape

25 July 2007, 16:00 AEST

The current Papua New Guinea prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, the leader of the National Alliance, says he's confident of forming the next government in coalition with some smaller parties once the full elections results are announced on Monday.

Federal Police to send more officers overseas

25 July 2007, 15:59 AEST

The Australian Federal Police Force has been explaining to a government committee in Canberra, why it is exanding its overseas policing services.

World Bank plan to save great forests

25 July 2007, 11:42 AEST

Australia is the first country to contribute to the World Bank's plan to save the world's remaining great forests by paying developing countries to prevent destruction of their forests.

NEW CAL/FRENCH POL:Uncertain political future

24 July 2007, 15:53 AEST

France's two territories in the Pacific are facing uncertain political futures.

Election result due by Monday

24 July 2007, 15:49 AEST

The results of the Papua New Guinea election should be announced by Monday.

Nurses strike set to start at midnight

24 July 2007, 14:41 AEST

Fiji's nurses look set to walk off their jobs at midnight tonight.

Papa Tom Davis dies

24 July 2007, 13:19 AEST

A former Cook Islands prime minister, Sir Tom Davis has died.

Fiji:Exploration boost for Namosi gold and copper project

24 July 2007, 11:01 AEST

Exporation at Fiji's Namosi gold and copper prospect has received a boost with Australia's Newcrest Mining signing a new joint venture agreement with the current exploration licence holders.

Public curator enforces law to protect beneficiaries

24 July 2007, 10:59 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Public Curator has begun repossessing the property of people who have died that's been claimed illegally by relatives.

Teachers strike continues

24 July 2007, 10:58 AEST

There is no end in sight to the strike by members of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association which is now into its second week.

Promises massive sums to fight aids

23 July 2007, 16:14 AEST

The fight against HIV-Aids in the Asia Pacific region has recieved a massive boost with an additional 400-million dollars promised by the Australian Goverment.

Interim Government must resolve Chief Justice suspension

23 July 2007, 16:13 AEST

A number of Fiji's senior lawyers have criticised the interim goverment for causing further division within the judiciary.

Satellites to monitor forests in Pacific/Asia

23 July 2007, 16:12 AEST

Australia plans to lead an international effort to use satellites to monitor forests in the Asia-Pacific region.

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