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growth threatened by oil and instablity

19 April 2007, 15:32 AEST

A United Nations report says South Pacific economic growth is being challenged by rising oil prices and political instability.

US embassy security barriers to stay

19 April 2007, 15:32 AEST

In a surprise move Fiji's interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has changed his mind and will allow the security barriers at the US embassy in Suva to remain.

Pacific labour scheme about to begin

19 April 2007, 10:22 AEST

New Zealand and Pacific officials will meet tomorrow to discuss how a scheme will work to allow Pacific islanders into New Zealand to work on a temporary basis.

Young Pacific Islanders work on reputation

18 April 2007, 15:58 AEST

Young people of Pacific Island background say too many of them have a bad reputation in Australia.

Women hopeful under new ministry.

18 April 2007, 15:58 AEST

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women is confident the status of women will get more attention with the creation of a new ministry for women.

Natural disasters cause rise in typhoid cases

18 April 2007, 14:33 AEST

Health officials in Fiji are blaming cyclone Cliff and continuing bad weather for the latest typhoid outbreak in Vanua Levu in the country's northern division.

4,600 apply for NZ temporary work scheme

18 April 2007, 14:31 AEST

More than four thousand Tongans have applied for a new seasonal work scheme in New Zealand.

PNG:3rd mining company joins rush for seabed exploration

17 April 2007, 15:53 AEST

A third company has applied for undersea mining exploration licences in Papua New Guinea confirming PNG's position as the world leader in marine mineral exploration.

Post tsunami rebuilding dilemma

17 April 2007, 15:53 AEST

The traditional lifestyle of coastal dwellers in parts Solomon Islands' tsunami devastated Western Province is now in question.

possibility EU may cut economic aid

17 April 2007, 13:02 AEST

Reports that three members of Fiji's military-backed government are travelling to Brussels for talks on human rights and standards of governance have raised the possibility that European development assistance to Fiji may be cut off.

Commander changes mind about mutiny claim

17 April 2007, 12:40 AEST

In Fiji, Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti now says he was not asked by the diplomatic representatives of the United States, Australia and United Kingdom to incite mutiny in a meeting with senior officers last November.

Crunch time for rugby coaches

17 April 2007, 11:27 AEST

Fiji national coach Ilivasi Tabua will meet today with Pacific Rugby Cup coaches in an attempt to tighten discipline.

Experts discuss improving local health systems

17 April 2007, 11:27 AEST

A health seminar in Melbourne this week will help Pacific Islanders develop better strategies for strengthening their local health systems.

US denied a meeting with Interim PM

16 April 2007, 16:50 AEST

A senior United States official has been in Fiji this week to explain Washington's position on the military coup.

Tsunami death toll reaches 52

16 April 2007, 15:33 AEST

The confirmed death toll from the tsunami which struck parts of Solomon Islands' Western Province two weeks ago, has reached 52.

NZ concerned at discovery of pest

16 April 2007, 11:06 AEST

The discovery of a locust like pest in a garden near the airport on the Cook Islands is causing alarm for New Zealand's wine and fruit industry.

SOLOMON IS:villagers reluctant to return home

16 April 2007, 11:06 AEST

Many survivors of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Solomons Islands remain reluctant to return to their villages because of fears the land may shift again.

elects new speaker in close vote

16 April 2007, 11:06 AEST

French Polynesia finally has a Speaker of the Assembly, but it took three rounds of voting before Edouard Fritch was able to secure the position.

TONGA:Chinese loan criticised by pro-democracy movement

16 April 2007, 11:06 AEST

A bid by the Tongan government to secure a big loan from China has been criticised by the Kingdom's pro-democracy movement.

Emergency laws extended again

13 April 2007, 16:17 AEST

Tonga's government has again extended emergency regulations for another 30 days.

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