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FRENCH POLY; Economy suffering from political instability

20 September 2007, 16:05 AEST

In French Polynesia, there are claims that the ongoing political instability is destabilising the economy.

Criticism of NZ & Aus refusal to sign UN declaration

19 September 2007, 16:18 AEST

A Suva based NGO claims Australia and New Zealand's refusal to sign the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights undermines their positions in the Pacific.

Top US military commander on official visit

19 September 2007, 16:16 AEST

The top US military commander in the Pacific Admiral Timothy Keating has made an official visit to Tonga, the first US Pacific commander to visit the country in more than two decades.

NGO's paid by Australia & NZ says Bainimarama

19 September 2007, 16:13 AEST

Fiji's interim prime minister has hit back at criticism of his imposition of emergency regulations from non-government organisations.

Forum officials disappointed over cancelled meeting

19 September 2007, 16:12 AEST

Pacific Islands Forum officials says they're disappointed about the cancellation of talks with the Solomon Islands government on the future of the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI.

PM outlines economic plan for the future

19 September 2007, 16:12 AEST

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare says his government will improve and expand on the economic gains by his previous government for a better future for its people.

PNG:Awarded historically high credit rating

19 September 2007, 16:12 AEST

Papua New Guinea has had more good economic news with the international credit ratings agency Standard and Poors raising its long-term foreign currency rating from B to B-plus.

$25-million boost for child tuberculosis

18 September 2007, 16:48 AEST

The World Health Organisation representative in PNG hopes a 25 million-US dollar funding boost to the country's tuberculosis program will help combat childhood tuberculosis.

PACIFIC:ADB revises down 2007 growth predictions

18 September 2007, 15:53 AEST

The Asian development Bank has revised down its growth predictions for the Pacific in 2007.

Govt urged to protect Coral Sea

18 September 2007, 15:52 AEST

Conservationists have urged the Australian government to give full enviromental protection to the part of the Coral Sea that falls under Australian juristiction.

Western Provinvce premier blames govt system

18 September 2007, 15:51 AEST

The premier of Solomon Islands' Western Province has blamed the current central, or unitary system of government for the country's social and economic problems.

UN declaration of rights of indigenous people

17 September 2007, 16:11 AEST

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a declaration protecting the rights of the world's indigenous people.

Call for stricter controls on shark fishing

17 September 2007, 16:10 AEST

Pacific countries have been urged to implement stricter shark management practices following the release of a new report.

Pacific political power highlighted in Mayoral campaign

17 September 2007, 16:09 AEST

Upcoming local body elections in New Zealand are focusing attention on the role of Pacific island voters in at least two key races.

speculation Oil Search subject of $5billion bid

17 September 2007, 16:08 AEST

Stock market shares in Papua New Guinea's biggest oil field operator, Oil Search, have had their biggest gain in five years following speculation that China National Petroleum Corp is interested in bidding for the company.

new President to go to Paris

17 September 2007, 16:06 AEST

The newly elected President of French Polynesia, Oscar Temaru plans to fly to France this week to ask French President Nicolas Sarkozy to postpone the next presidential elections.

Lawyer says appeal court judges should have stayed

17 September 2007, 16:04 AEST

One of Fiji's leading lawyers has expressed disappoinment at the decision by five New Zealand and one Australian judge to quit the Appeals Court.

Internet crash prompts moves to privatise telecom

17 September 2007, 15:59 AEST

In the Marshall Islands, legislation has been introduced into parliament to break up the government monopoly on telecommunitcations.

Tonga beats Samoa at World Cup

17 September 2007, 15:58 AEST

Tonga has recorded an historic win over rivals Samoa at the Rugby Union World Cup in France.

NEW CALEDONIA:Trade with Australia growing

14 September 2007, 15:44 AEST

New Caledonia sees more potential for growth in trade between the French territory and the region.

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