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Veterans awarded school certificates

15 November 2007, 14:45 AEDT

War veterans on Guam, who were unable to finish their school education, are being honoured with high school diplomas.

Cocoa beans exported to Singapore

15 November 2007, 14:44 AEDT

A Vanuatu farmers cooperative has successfully exported its first cocoa beans to Singapore.

PACIFIC:Tonga and Solomon Islands join undersea mining nations

15 November 2007, 14:35 AEDT

The world's leading seafloor mining company, Nautilus Minerals is expanding to Tonga and Solomon Islands.

Call for UN to investigate Fiji judiciary renewed

14 November 2007, 16:46 AEDT

There's been a call for independent scrutiny of Fiji's judiciary.

French Senate supports law to stabilise FPoly

14 November 2007, 16:46 AEDT

The French Senate has approved a new law aimed at ending political instability in French Polynesia.

Fiji Water goes carbon negative

14 November 2007, 16:46 AEDT

Fiji Water, with annual sales of around 150 million US dollars, has announced a plan to be carbon negative.

Speaker - GG powerless to convene.

14 November 2007, 16:46 AEDT

The speaker of the Solomon Islands Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea says the Governor General does not have the power to call a session of parliament.

Scrutiny of election process

13 November 2007, 16:38 AEDT

International observers have arrived in the Marshall Islands ahead of a national election scheduled for November 19.

Opposition still want PM to resign

13 November 2007, 16:38 AEDT

The Solomon Islands parliamentary opposition says it does not rule out making a legal challenge of the Governor General's decision not to call parliament.

Military wants electoral reform now

13 November 2007, 16:38 AEDT

Fiji's military led interim government wants to change the system of voting sooner rather than later.

International Ratings outlook upgraded

13 November 2007, 16:38 AEDT

There is good economic news for Fiji today with the the international ratings agency Standard & Poors announcing the lifting of the outlook on its ratings for Fiji from negative to stable.

Govt in turmoil after ministers resign

13 November 2007, 14:59 AEDT

Nauru's Ludwig Scotty led Government is in turmoil after three senior ministers resigned.

Electricity workers warned against power cuts

13 November 2007, 12:09 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Industrial Registrar, Helen Saleu says threats by electricity workers to cut power supplies over the re-instatement of the Chief Executive Officer of PNG Power are illegal.

Opposition fears budget crisis

13 November 2007, 12:05 AEDT

The Opposition says if Solomon Islands is not already having a constitutional crisis, then it is heading towards one if parliament does not meet soon to pass the 2008 budget.

GG rejects opposition call to convene parliament

13 November 2007, 12:05 AEDT

The Solomon Islands Governor General has rejected a call by the opposition to use his extra powers to convene parliament.

Mining could double size of the economy says expert

12 November 2007, 19:40 AEDT

Solomon Islands has the potential to establish a major gold mining industry not just one gold mine, according to the head of Australia Solomons Gold, the company getting the Gold Ridge mine on the main island of Guadalcanal, up and running again.

Paliamentarians call for PM's resignation

12 November 2007, 17:07 AEDT

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister is fighting for his political survival following the defection of 13 members of his government, including 10 ministers.

Transparency head unsurprised at government instabilibity

12 November 2007, 15:50 AEDT

Meanwhile, the Executive Officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Joses Tuhanuku, has welcomed the news that the Manasseh Sogovare government could be about to fall.

Sogovare government collapsing

12 November 2007, 15:48 AEDT

The opposition is now claiming to have enough support to topple Mr Sogavare.

Regional judges warn of threats to judicial independence

12 November 2007, 12:45 AEDT

Senior judges around the Pacific are concerned about threats to the independence of the judiciary in Fiji.

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