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New administration caught up in Abramoff controversy

6 January 2006, 18:54 AEST

In the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the new administration of governor-elect Benigno Fitial is to be sworn in on Monday.

Tributes continue after death of Sir William Skate

5 January 2006, 14:48 AEST

Sir William Jack Skate, former Prime Minister and Governor General of Papua New Guinea, died in an Australia hospital on Tuesday morning after a short illness.

Triathlon team heading for Commonwealth Games

5 January 2006, 14:48 AEST

There will be a new country fronting up to the starting line for the Men's Triathlon at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

2005 political rollercoaster between three political figures

23 December 2005, 14:15 AEST

2006 is an election year in Fiji, when political issues which have dominated the headlines this year will be put to the test at the polls.

Rising numbers of people living with HIV

23 December 2005, 10:23 AEST

As in other countries in the Pacific, there are growing numbers of people in French Polynesia living with HIV and AIDS.

Workers receive New Year wage rise

23 December 2005, 10:23 AEST

At this time of year, everyone likes a bit extra in the pay packet to cope with the cost of Christmas festivities.

Special police operation to ensure peaceful Christmas

23 December 2005, 10:23 AEST

Police in Port Moresby city have embarked on a special operation, to promote peaceful and troublefree celebrations, in the coming festive season.

Palm Oil production set to resume in former trouble spot

23 December 2005, 10:23 AEST

Economic activity is returning to Solomon Islands and one of the most impressive scenes of activity is along the Guadalcanal Plains Road east of Honiara.

Fuel bill is paid and the lights come back on

22 December 2005, 15:43 AEST

The electricity crisis in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is over, for now.

Help needed to resettle those affected by sea level rise

22 December 2005, 15:43 AEST

Papua New Guinea has urged industrialised countries to assist with the resettlement of people being affected by rising sea levels caused by global warming.

RAMSI coordinator reflects on 2005

22 December 2005, 15:43 AEST

The Australian led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands is now two and a half years old.

Air Nauru appeal to lease back plane turned down

22 December 2005, 11:06 AEST

Air Nauru's hopes of regaining its only aircraft were dashed today when U-S Eport Import Bank refused the government's offer to take out a short term lease.

Investigation into alleged 2000 plot to bomb airport

22 December 2005, 10:56 AEST

In Fiji police have opened new investigations into plans to bomb Nadi airport during the 2000 coup.

Family lodges damages claim for death of Tongan detainee

22 December 2005, 10:56 AEST

Today is the fifth anniversary of the death of Tongan Viliami Tanginoa in Melbourne's Maribyrnong Detention Centre.

Reform of Public Service will take time

21 December 2005, 15:53 AEST

Improving standards in the public service in Solomon Islands is going to take time.

Seeking ILO membership

21 December 2005, 15:21 AEST

Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands are moving to join the International Labour Organisation, which links governments, employers and trade unions to set international labour standards.

Power cuts hit Saipan

21 December 2005, 15:21 AEST

The lights started going out on Saipan on Wednesday, and it looks as if the power crisis won't be resolved any time soon.

Safe Haven Permit discussed to fight human trafficking

21 December 2005, 11:33 AEST

In Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, an international humanitarian group has launched a pilot project to help young girls caught-up in the human trafficking network.

Australian Police assist with Suva fire investigation

20 December 2005, 16:13 AEST

Investigators from the Australian Federal Police arrived in Fiji last night to investigate the cause of a major fire which completely destroyed a shopping centre in the capital Suva.

Air Nauru charter to aid stranded passengers

20 December 2005, 16:13 AEST

Air Nauru has organised charter flights for passengers stranded when the airline's only plane was seized by the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

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