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Anti-violence forum leads to violence

13 October 2006, 15:54 AEST

An anti-violence and crime forum in Lae, in Papua New Guinea's Morobe Province, has sparked trouble.

Doctor warns senate get prepared for pandemic

13 October 2006, 10:39 AEST

It's not a matter of if, but when Fiji is swept up in a flu pandemic.

Top cop criticises Pacific corruption and bad governance

12 October 2006, 16:44 AEST

Australia's top policeman has attacked the political corruption and poor governance confronting Australian police being deployed in the South Pacific.

calls for PM to come clean on Moti's repatriation

12 October 2006, 16:44 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Opposition has called on the country's prime minister to come clean on the issue surrounding the repatriation of controversial lawyer Julian Moti for Solomon Islands.

PM attacks Australia over no-confidence vote

12 October 2006, 16:44 AEST

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare has accused Canberra of being responsible for yesterday's failed motion to oust him.

Honiara-Canberra relationship a regional challenge

12 October 2006, 16:44 AEST

Dr Sinclair Dinnen, a Pacific expert from the Australian National University who specialises in Solomon Islands issues, says dialogue is needed to resolve tension between Australia and Solomon Islands.

Report of public service job losses denied

12 October 2006, 11:21 AEST

Reports that thousands of public servants in Fiji are set to lose their jobs have been denied by the ministry in charge of public sector reform.

Nation could become a top global gold producer

12 October 2006, 11:21 AEST

A senior government minister in Papua New Guinea has predicted the country could become one of the top three gold producing nations in the world.

PM Sogavare survives motion of no-confidence

12 October 2006, 11:21 AEST

Solomon Islands prime minister manasseh Sogovare has handily survived a vote of no-confidence.

Opposition leader launches no-confidence motion

11 October 2006, 16:14 AEST

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogovare, is facing a vote of no confidence.

Capital battered by storms and king tides

11 October 2006, 16:14 AEST

In Kiribati, a combination of unusually heavy storms and king tides has caused considerable damage in and around Tarawa.

PNG Use of military aircraft in covert operation labelled disastrous

11 October 2006, 16:14 AEST

The fallout from controversial lawyer Julian Moti's escape to the Solomon Islands is continuing with calls for heads to roll in Papua New Guinea over the use of the country's military aircraft to transport him.

Possible changes to political structure

11 October 2006, 16:14 AEST

A report on political change in Tonga suggests the majority of MPs be elected by the people.

Labour Party in serious disarray

11 October 2006, 11:26 AEST

The Fiji Labour Party is in trouble.

Asylum seekers to get access to legal help

11 October 2006, 11:26 AEST

Asylum seekers sent to Nauru as part of Australia's so-called "Pacific Solution" are to have access to a lawyer before Australian immigration officials talk to them and start assessing their claims.

Gay tourism could bring benefits

11 October 2006, 11:26 AEST

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation says the financial benefits of catering to homosexual travellers in the Pacific region should not be overlooked.

Report warns against "misguided" Australian debate

11 October 2006, 11:26 AEST

A new report has warned that the volatile security situation in the Indonesian province of Papua may deteriorate, creating a flashpoint between Jakarta and Canberra.

Attorney-General arrives in handcuffs

11 October 2006, 11:26 AEST

Fugitive lawyer Julian Moti was flown in handcuffs to Honiara late on Tuesday aboard a police helicopter.

Moti affair angers Australian government

10 October 2006, 15:48 AEST

Australia says the Julian Moti affair shows the major problems of poor governance in countries such as Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

Attorney-General arrested on arrival

10 October 2006, 15:48 AEST

The controversial Australian lawyer Julian Moti who's been appointed Solomon Islands Attorney General, was whisked secretly into Solomon Islands early on Tuesday morning.

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