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Queensland Supreme Court links up with Pacific

6 June 2006, 10:36 AEST

The Supreme Court in the Australian State of Queensland is expanding its links with the island countries of the Pacific.

Government surveys nations health

6 June 2006, 10:36 AEST

The Solomons Islands government is already looking ahead to improving the long term health and wealth of its people.

New generator arrives

6 June 2006, 10:36 AEST

The people of Niue can now enjoy a hot shower, a cooked breakfast and phone the outside world again for the first time in almost a week after engineers connected a new generator to the national grid.

Beddoes says his two-person party can be an effective opposition

5 June 2006, 14:59 AEST

Fiji's newly-named opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, says he and fellow United Peoples Party MP Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau will be able to provide an effective counterweight to the government.

Diabetes society conducts education campaign

5 June 2006, 10:28 AEST

Diabetics in the Cook Islands can now learn more about their disease thanks to the establishment of the country's diabetic society.

Aid donors taking Pacific more seriously

5 June 2006, 10:28 AEST

There are signs that the Pacific is being taken more seriously by aid donor nations, with meetings involving heads of government becoming more common.

Locals employed to manage aid programs

5 June 2006, 10:28 AEST

One of the Australian aid management companies which has won AUSAid contracts in the health sector in a number of Pacific Island countries is breaking new ground by putting locals in charge of managing the projects as the in-country team leaders.

Suicide rate drops to one fifth of previous rate

5 June 2006, 10:28 AEST

In 1981, the World Health Organisation reported Samoa had the highest suicide rate in the Pacific and the third highest in the world.

Soccer pitch to get face lift

5 June 2006, 10:28 AEST

The Vanuatu government will upgrade one of the country's historic fields to international soccer standard.

Europeans offer US$650m aid to Pacific

2 June 2006, 15:43 AEST

The Pacific has been promised a whopping 650 million US dollars in aid from the European Union.

Methodists want protection for gays scrapped

2 June 2006, 10:04 AEST

A gay film festival in New Zealand has been criticised for offering a prize to people who sign up as members.

Australia asked to explain objections to seasonal workers

2 June 2006, 10:04 AEST

Papua New Guinea wants more answers from Australia about why it refuses to allow seasonal workers from PNG to find jobs in Australia.

No luck persuading the Pacific on whaling

2 June 2006, 10:04 AEST

Australia's attempt to persuade Pacific nations not to support Japan's scientific whaling program appears to be receiving a cool reception in the region.

Military relocation causing concern

2 June 2006, 10:04 AEST

In Guam, the much talked about relocation of a large number of American military personnel from Japan to Guam is causing concern.

Poor turn out at public service demonstration

1 June 2006, 16:12 AEST

There are conflicting reports about the success or otherwise about a pro-democracy march in Tonga.

Union vows to continue blockade

1 June 2006, 16:12 AEST

In New Caledonia, members of the Kanak USTKE union are vowing to continue their blockade of the Noumea port in protest against the arrival of a new shipping company in the country.

Academic warns country on verge of collapse

1 June 2006, 16:12 AEST

There are warnings in PNG today that the country could be on the verge of collapse.

Hosts biggest conference ever

1 June 2006, 16:12 AEST

The largest international conference in the history of Papua New Guinea has been opened in the capital Port Moresby amid much fanfare.

Public Service split by rival groups

1 June 2006, 13:15 AEST

The formation of a new organisation to represent Tongan public servants has been described as a deliberate attempt to divide the country's civil servants.

Immgration laws cause labour shortage

1 June 2006, 9:08 AEST

American Samoa's strict new immigration laws are being blamed for a labour shortage at one of the country's tuna canneries.

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