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Government accused of intimidating opponents

22 January 2007, 13:11 AEDT

Tonga's leading pro-democracy campaigner was arrested by police late last week over his alleged role in the riot which all but destroyed central Nuku'alofa in November.

Residents denied compensation

22 December 2006, 17:00 AEDT

American Samoans are being denied compensation after being told their tap water was contaminated and unsafe to drink.

Great Council of Chiefs meeting reaches concensus

22 December 2006, 15:58 AEDT

Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs has managed to reach a consensus on a plan to return the country to democratic rule following the December 5th military coup.

Military leaks footage of 2000 coup

22 December 2006, 15:58 AEDT

Just weeks after Fiji's dramatic military coup, a fierce battle for the hearts and minds of the country's population has broken out.

Political deadlock to last through Christmas

22 December 2006, 15:58 AEDT

French Polynesians won't know which of its two main parties is the government until after Christmas.

Fiji loses Forum Chair position

22 December 2006, 15:58 AEDT

Fiji has had to give up its position as the chair of the Pacific Islands Forum as a result of the military's takeover of the nation.

Inquiry wanting to speak with Chief of National Security

22 December 2006, 15:58 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Defence Force Inquiry into Australian lawyer Julian Moti's escape to Solomon Islands has been unable so far to locate PNG Chief of National Security, Joseph Assaigo to give evidence.

Votes for new president

22 December 2006, 10:52 AEDT

French Polynesia's recently ousted Temaru Government could be reinstated by the end of the day with parliament convening shortly for a new presidential election.

MSG senior officials to discuss Fiji crisis

22 December 2006, 10:52 AEDT

The Melanesian Spearhead Group says it will do whatever it can to help restore democracy and normalcy in Fiji.

Mixed response to survey on RAMSI

22 December 2006, 10:52 AEDT

A survey commissioned by the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands shows that most people believe law and order has improved in the country last year.

Chinese workers reimbursed after manufacturer closes down

22 December 2006, 10:52 AEDT

Hundreds of Chinese garment workers in the Northern Marianas have won back their recruitment fees after their employment deals fell through.

Status as tax haven to be kept

21 December 2006, 17:17 AEDT

Norfolk Island will maintain its status as a tax haven.

Great Council of Chiefs in second day of talks

21 December 2006, 16:53 AEDT

In Fiji, the Great Council of Chiefs is meeting for the second day to decide on an acceptable plan to return the country to a democracy following the December 5th coup.

Five people arrested outside "Chiefs" meeting

21 December 2006, 16:53 AEDT

Five people arrested outside Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs' meeting in Suva on Thursday have not been told what they are to be charged with.

Moti not coming to Australia yet

21 December 2006, 16:53 AEDT

The Solomon Islands government has retracted an earlier statement that Australian fugitive lawyer, Julian Moti was to soon be travelling to Australia as Solomon Islands Attorney General.

Threats of more riots prompt high security

21 December 2006, 16:53 AEDT

The Tongan government is defending the tight security procedures in place for the court appearances of people accused in connection with last month's riots.

Court rules in favour of school admission policy

21 December 2006, 13:41 AEDT

A three year legal battle that's stirred racial tension in Hawaii has taken a turn in favour of the defendant - a private school that excludes non-native Hawaiians.

Concern recent upheaval could affect migration

21 December 2006, 11:55 AEDT

The regional head of a United Nations' development agency says recent social and political upheaval in Fiji and Tonga could spark a new wave of migration out of the Pacific.

Court appeal against Police appointment

21 December 2006, 11:55 AEDT

Papua New Guinea Acting Police Commissioner, Fred Sheekiot and his deputy Tony Wagambie have taken the appointment of PNG Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, to court to restrain Mr Baki from taking office.

Deputy PM Resigns

21 December 2006, 11:55 AEDT

Solomon Islands Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Mines and Energy, Job Duddley Tausinga has resigned from Cabinet.

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