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Newspaper Editor still to be deported

20 December 2006, 17:02 AEDT

You may remember In Fiji last week, the editor of a newspaper which has criticized Fiji's military coup leaders was told he was to be deported.

French Red Cross expansion welcomed

20 December 2006, 12:39 AEDT

The International Federation of the Red Cross has welcomed plans by the French Red Cross to expand its operations in the Pacific.

Ashes of US Marine is scattered on Guadalcanal

20 December 2006, 12:39 AEDT

The ashes of a US Marine officer has been taken to Solomon Islands and scattered at the spot where he spent the night after being wounded on Guadalcanal 64 years ago.

No ruffled feathers despite live chicken ban

20 December 2006, 12:39 AEDT

Continental Airlines will no longer transport live chickens from the United States to Guam.

Evacuation crews on standby due to flood concerns

19 December 2006, 17:12 AEDT

Emergency evacuation crews in Fiji are standing by as - what's described as - freak weather conditions cause flash floods across the major islands.

Nuclear payout nothing more than lip service

19 December 2006, 17:12 AEDT

In Marshall Islands the people of Utrik have just been awarded compensation of around 307 million US dollars but are unlikely to see a penny of it.

Concern Kokoda track could be closed to trekkers

19 December 2006, 17:12 AEDT

Thousands of Australians tourists might be denied the chance to walk the iconic Kokoda track next year if disgruntled Papua New Guinea land owners carry out a threat to close the track to trekking.

Fears Australia is stealing Kiwi culture

19 December 2006, 17:12 AEDT

It looks like we're heading for another Trans-Tasman tug-of-war over what constitutes "local content" on television.

Pearl farmers to benefit from new report

19 December 2006, 14:39 AEDT

At its peak, the local black pearl industry was worth 18 million NZ dollars a year to the Cook Island economy.

Taiwanese education assistance to Solomon Islands.

19 December 2006, 11:13 AEDT

Taiwan has become one of the main donors in Solomon Islands' education sector.

Fisheries Treaty gets new lease of life

19 December 2006, 11:13 AEDT

The Pacific Islands multilateral fisheries treaty with the United States has been thrown a lifeline, amid mounting concern over its future viability.

Bainimarama threatens to abrogate constitution

18 December 2006, 16:37 AEDT

In Fiji, coup leader, Frank Bainimarama has threatened to abrogate the constitution.

Melanesian Foreign Legion being suggested

18 December 2006, 16:32 AEDT

An Australian academic is suggesting the country fill gaps in its army by recruiting entire military units from Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

No pressure to extradite Julian Moti

18 December 2006, 16:32 AEDT

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Australian Shane Castles has rejected any suggestion that he was under any pressure from Canberra to extradite controversial lawyer, Julian Moti.

Regional airports plan taking shape

18 December 2006, 11:32 AEDT

The Solomon Islands government has unveiled plans for regional airports that look set to revolutionise the movement of people and cargo around the archipelago.

Cast out of labour mobility talks in New Zealand

18 December 2006, 11:32 AEDT

Fijian workers have been dealt another blow by those condemning the military coup.

Proposal for foreign workers to be language proficient

18 December 2006, 11:32 AEDT

Papua New Guinea plans to introduce new legislation to restrict foreigners seeking employment without language proficiency and starting illegal business operations in PNG.

Document for regional integration revised

18 December 2006, 11:32 AEDT

The document which outlines the Pacific's move towards stronger regional ties has been revised, to place greater emphasis on the practicalities of economic integration.

Pro-democracy MP complains government not listening

18 December 2006, 11:32 AEDT

A Tongan MP says he expects to be picked up by the police for questioning and possible arrest over last month's riot in Nuku'alofa.

Chinese women pursue employment fraud case

18 December 2006, 11:32 AEDT

At least two businesses in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are under Federal investigation for allegedly falsifying employment documents.

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