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Power crisis on Ebeye Island

21 July 2006, 15:31 AEST

Local authorities on Ebeye Island in the Marshall Islands have called on the national government to declare a 'state of emergency' because of serious power shortages.

Ramsi chief defends mission's future

21 July 2006, 15:31 AEST

Three years ago this week, Australian troops and police arrived in Solomon Islands to form the regional assistance mission, Ramsi.

Uproar over president's pro-independence comments

21 July 2006, 9:06 AEST

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has created a stir among the opposition with his latest remarks at the Pacific Youth Festival in Tahiti.

Textile industry rejects low wages report

21 July 2006, 9:06 AEST

Fiji's textile industry has rejected a report that claims garment workers are being paid wages well below the island's poverty line.

Governor delays Indonesia-PNG highway opening

20 July 2006, 15:27 AEST

The opening of a new highway between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia has hit a snag.

Families worried about relatives stranded in Lebanon

20 July 2006, 15:27 AEST

The relatives of Fiji nationals stranded in war-torn Lebanon are becoming increasingly worried about the lack of information they are getting from the United Nations.

Tradition takes precedence at Royal funeral

20 July 2006, 15:27 AEST

Dignitaries, including diplomats, political leaders and traditional chiefs have gathered in Tonga for the funeral of the king's nephew, Prince Tuipelehake, and his wife, Princess Kaimana.

International plan to boost private sector growth underway

20 July 2006, 15:27 AEST

Small businesses in the Pacific and especially in Papua New Guinea are about to get a boost.

Calls for labour mobility within the region

19 July 2006, 16:00 AEST

Australia and New Zealand are adamant they don't want to open up their markets to seasonal workers from the Pacific.

Festival an eye-opener for youth delegates

19 July 2006, 15:56 AEST

More than 1,000 of the region's youth have converged on Tahiti in French Polynesia for a week-long festival.

Rugby union skipper in Melbourne

19 July 2006, 15:34 AEST

Fiji hit the turf for training at a Melbourne High School this week ahead of their return test against Australia-A on Saturday.

Concerns about illegal land settlement outside Honiara

19 July 2006, 15:34 AEST

The premier of Guadalcanal Provincial government in Solomon Islands has raised concerns about illegal settlement of land outside the capital, Honiara.

Volcanic eruptions force evacuation of more than 700 people

19 July 2006, 15:34 AEST

In Papua New Guinea's West New Britain province, more than 700 people have been evacuated from their villages after two volcanic eruptions.

Government waits for UN approval to move troops to Lebanon

19 July 2006, 15:34 AEST

The escalation of the war in the middle east may have had an impact on the future of Fiji's peacekeeping forces.

Opposition questions RAMSI re-authorisation

19 July 2006, 15:34 AEST

In Solomon Islands the operations of the regional intervention force RAMSI could be undermined unless Parliament renews its mandate.

Who are the new women justice of the peace

18 July 2006, 15:24 AEST

A women's group in Fiji has raised concerns about the small number of women appointed as Justices of the Peace.

Head of Pacific Community says 'stop logging today'

18 July 2006, 15:17 AEST

Solomon Islands has been warned to confront the stark reality that its forests are nearly logged-out.

The Pacific region's last line of defence against bird flu?

18 July 2006, 15:17 AEST

An animal diseases expert for the United Nations has played down the likelihood of a bird flu outbreak in the Pacific region.

Security and customs top of MSG agenda

18 July 2006, 15:17 AEST

The Solomon Islands foreign minister, Patteson Oti, has called for greater cooperation between Melanesian nations.

Government denies plan to repeal Secrets Act

18 July 2006, 15:17 AEST

The Vanuatu government says it has no intention of repealing the country's Official Secrets Act.

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