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Chinese influence may put pressure on Australia

4 August 2006, 13:16 AEST

The Premier of the island-state of Niue, Young Vivian, says Chinese influence in the Pacific is going to grow, and that could come at the expense of other regional powers.

Governor attacks state of emergency declaration

3 August 2006, 14:47 AEST

A state of emergency in Papua New Guinea's Southern Highlands province is continuing.

Sugar railway blockade ended

3 August 2006, 12:46 AEST

The blockade of a vital cane railway in Fiji has been lifted.

Fears leaders of ethnic conflict may be escaping prosecuto

3 August 2006, 12:46 AEST

Many of the former militant leaders involved in the ethnic conflict in Solomon Islands since 1998 have already been brought before the courts or are currently being investigated.

English football experts to work with Fiji, Solomons

3 August 2006, 12:46 AEST

The English Football Association has announced plans to lend its technical expertise to the Fiji and Solomon Islands soccer associations.

Documentary examines concerns over global warming

3 August 2006, 12:46 AEST

As Tuvaluans go to the polls today, there are renewed concerns about the Pacific country's future.

Advocate condemns Australia over asylum-seeker detention

2 August 2006, 15:27 AEST

An Australian refugee advocate, Kay Bernard, says taxpayers have had to pay more than half a million Australian dollars to keep a Papuan asylum seeker, David Wainggai, in detention on the Indian Ocean territory of Christmas Island.

Counting down to Thursday's general election

2 August 2006, 15:27 AEST

In Tuvalu, nearly six thousand registerd voters will go to the polls in Thursday's general election.

NGO says landowners duped by foreign companies

2 August 2006, 12:10 AEST

A Solomon Islands environmental organisation claims local resource owners don't know what they're actually signing when they enter into logging agreements with foreign companies.

Cross-border beetles a threat to coffee industry

2 August 2006, 12:10 AEST

An insect which destroys coffee is sending agriculture and quarantine authorities in Papua New Guinea into a spin, following reports the pest was found only fifty kilometres away across the border in the Indonesian province of Papua.

Nuclear veterans welcome report's findings

2 August 2006, 12:10 AEST

The people of French Polynesia have welcomed an official report by the French government confirming the link between an increase in the cases of thyroid cancer and France's atmospheric nuclear tests in the territory since 1966.

Labour leader lashes out at party dissidents

1 August 2006, 15:35 AEST

The leader of the Fiji Labour Party, Mahendra Chaudhry, has hit back at dissidents within his party who have openly challenged his leadership.

OPM welcomes refugee decision by Australian Court

1 August 2006, 15:35 AEST

The Free Papua Movement, the OPM, has welcomed the decision of Australia's Refugee Review Tribunal to overturn an Immigration Department decision not to grant a protection visa to the last of the 43 Papuans who arrived in Australia by boat in January.

Rugby board pleased with standard of compeition

1 August 2006, 10:58 AEST

The Head of the Board of International Rugby Services says he's pleased with the standard of competition in the Region.

Government keen to pursue federation

1 August 2006, 10:58 AEST

A long-running debate is continuing in Solomon Islands about whether to become a federation of states.

Rate of HIV/AIDS on the rise

1 August 2006, 10:58 AEST

Solomon Islands health authorities are yet to release figures confirming several more cases of HIV in the country.

Call for public service pay cuts

1 August 2006, 10:58 AEST

A storm has broken out in Fiji over a call for public servants to have their pay cut.

Outer islands host spectacular feast

31 July 2006, 15:30 AEST

The northern district Cook Island Games have opened on remote Manahiki.

Forum plays down threat to leaders summit

31 July 2006, 15:30 AEST

The Pacific Islands Forum is playing down an implied threat to disrupt the next forum leaders meeting in Tonga.

Election chaos predicted for 2007

31 July 2006, 10:27 AEST

Papua New Guinea's opposition leader has warned the 2007 general election will be chaotic, in part due to the electorate's poor understanding of the country's new limited preferential voting system.

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