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The country's first pidgin bible nears completion.

9 May 2007, 10:29 AEST

Translators working on Solomon Islands first pidgin bible are close to completing their 12-year-long project.

US warns of strongmen in the region

8 May 2007, 15:56 AEST

The U-S.

3.5 million to vote next month

8 May 2007, 15:54 AEST

More than three and a half million voters in Papua New Guinea go to the polls next month.

PNG:Former PM says Moti affair may affect PM's electoral chances

8 May 2007, 15:52 AEST

As Papua New Guinea prepares for the general election, the big question is whether the man they call 'The Chief' can keep the top job.

Call for more spending on health aid

8 May 2007, 15:45 AEST

Aid agency, World Vision is calling on the Australian government to dramatically increase its health aid spending for the Asia Pacific region.

Two pro-democracy activists guilty over protest

8 May 2007, 11:47 AEST

Campaigners for political reform in Tonga have been found guilty of charges relating to a protest in June last year.

AUS South Pacific aid budget "distorted"

8 May 2007, 11:45 AEST

Australia's Labor Opposition says Australia's aid to the South Pacific has been distorted by the so-called Pacific solution - the creation of detention camps for asylum seekers in the region.

20 nations agree to limit bottom trawling

8 May 2007, 11:43 AEST

More than 20 South Pacific nations have agreed to place a limit on the deep sea fishing practice of bottom trawling, which environmentalists have long condemend for destroying rare species and ecosystems.

Sarkozy tops polls for French Presidency

7 May 2007, 16:51 AEST

Conservative candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has topped the polls in French Polynesia in the final round of the French Presidential election.

NEW CALEDONIA:Strongly backs Sarkozy for French President

7 May 2007, 16:46 AEST

New Caledonia put its weight strongly behind Nicolas Sarkozy with nearly 64-per cent of voters giving him their ballot for the French Presidency.

Pressure builds against Moti Apointment.

7 May 2007, 16:45 AEST

Pressure is building in Solomon Islands against the appointment of fugitive Australian lawyer, Julian Moti as Attorney General.

Greenpeace abseil anti logging message

7 May 2007, 16:41 AEST

More than a hundred delegates attending the International Tropical Timber Council meeting in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea witnessed a somewhat unusual demonstration this morning.

Editor didn't see "threat" letter before publication

7 May 2007, 10:57 AEST

The editor of Tonga's pro-democracy newspaper the Kele'a, says he's sympathetic towards the country's attorney-general, Alisi Taumoepeau, over a letter to the editor which she says contained a threat against her.

AUST:Keen to source more fairtrade products in the Pacific

7 May 2007, 10:55 AEST

Australia is the fastest growing market in the world for fairtrade products and fairtrade importers are keen to source more products from the Pacific.

Pacific leaders gather for tri-annual talks

7 May 2007, 10:54 AEST

The eight Pacific Island Conference of Leaders meeting gets underway in Washington tonight.

academic says Aus/NZ to blame for China/Taiwan interest

7 May 2007, 10:53 AEST

One of the Pacific's most respected academics and analysts believes Australia and New Zealand have only themselves to blame for the increased interest by China and Taiwan in the region.

NZ Navy to fly the flag

4 May 2007, 16:40 AEST

A New Zealand strategic analyst has called for New Zealand and Australia to co-ordinate their patrol boat operations in the South Pacific.

ACP sugar exporters reject EU offer

4 May 2007, 15:53 AEST

Sugar exporters in the African, Caribbean and Pacific bloc of countries have rejected the latest European Union offer for a new sugar trading regime.

Protest for removal of Vice President

4 May 2007, 15:52 AEST

Around five thousand people protested at the Autonomous Bougainville Government headquarters at Buka today for the removal of the Vice President, Joseph Watawi.

GUAM:lucrative contracts in US base upgrade

4 May 2007, 15:50 AEST

The White House says Australian and New Zealand businesses are well placed to win a big share of some very lucrative contracts in a major upgrade of US military installations on its North Western Pacific territory of Guam.

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