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Wants an immediate solution for remaining asylum seeker

2 October 2006, 17:02 AEST

Questions continue to be asked about the last IRAQI asylum seeker being held on Nauru, the epicentre of the Australian Government's "Pacific Solution".

Opposition still hopeful about no confidence vote in PM

2 October 2006, 17:02 AEST

Solomon Islands opposition is still hoping to secure the numbers to topple the government of prime minister Manaseh Sogavare.

Job losses as Air NZ outsources to Fiji

2 October 2006, 17:02 AEST

Dozens of workers at Air New Zealand are set to lose their jobs after the airline announced 70 positions within its finance department will be outsourced to Fiji.

Call for Kokoda Trail not to be disturbed by mining

2 October 2006, 13:12 AEST

The Papua New Guinea Government has warned Australia not to interfere if mining occurs along a section of the Kokoda Trail.

Military cautions public service on prisons appointment

29 September 2006, 16:05 AEST

The ill feeling in Fiji between the government and the military has degenerated even further with the announcement by the Public Service Commission that it has shortlisted a former deputy commander for a top government job.

Aussie veterans' outrage over Kokoda plan

29 September 2006, 16:05 AEST

Proposals to mine for gold near the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea have prompted fierce criticism from the ranks of Australia's returned and retired soldiers.

Confidence vote could be week away

29 September 2006, 16:05 AEST

A show down is looming in Solomon Islands between the prime minister and his parliamentary foes.

Mining company defends Kokoda gold plan

29 September 2006, 16:05 AEST

A gold exploration project close to the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea has sparked the interest of the Australian Prime Minister who is said to be determined to scrap the project.

Chiefs want to drive land policies

29 September 2006, 11:11 AEST

The Vanuatu National Council of Chiefs want an immediate moratorium on any new leases or subdivisions of land in Vanuatu.

HIV/AIDS manual for pastoral workers

29 September 2006, 11:11 AEST

A counselling manual on HIV/AIDS is being developed for pastors and church elders in Fiji.

Key province touches base with Beijing

29 September 2006, 11:11 AEST

The Solomon Islands provincial government of Guadalcanal has signed a joint venture deal with an Australian company to improve the province's infrastructure.

Election result could change with special votes

28 September 2006, 15:43 AEST

In the Cook Islands, the ruling Democratic Party appears to be headed for a victory in this week's snap election.

General strike continues

28 September 2006, 15:43 AEST

A general strike in New Caledonia that began on Monday is continuing after talks between workers and the government broke down yesterday.

Governments told to strengthen resources policies

28 September 2006, 15:43 AEST

Solomon Islands government this week is hosting the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission's 35th annual session.

Calls for crack down on illegal Indonesian fishermen

28 September 2006, 15:43 AEST

In Papua New Guinea a senior policeman has called on the government to get tough with Indonesians illegally fishing in P-N-G waters.

Ruling in case gives witnesses anonymity

28 September 2006, 11:09 AEST

A senior Solomon Islands lawyer has questioned whether it's constitutional to give prosecution witnesses in the Magistrates court anonymity.

Democratic Party claims victory in election

28 September 2006, 11:07 AEST

The ruling Cook Islands Democratic Party is claiming victory in the snap election held yesterday.

Heavy rain hampers voting in election

27 September 2006, 16:14 AEST

A turn out of about ten thousand voters was expected in the Cook Islands general election today.

Opposition critical of budget

27 September 2006, 16:14 AEST

French Polynesia's opposition has criticised President Oscar Temaru's annual budget speech.

Government defends asylum seekers living conditions

27 September 2006, 16:14 AEST

The Nauru government is denying claims in the Australian media that asylum seekers on the island are living in poor conditions.

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