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ANZ gives government a glowing report-card

15 February 2006, 15:13 AEST

The ANZ Bank says the Papua New Guinea government, and Treasurer Bart Philemon in particular, have done a remarkable job in establishing macro-economic stability in PNG.

Uncertain future for Micronesian Games

15 February 2006, 15:13 AEST

There are serious doubts today over the future of Micronesia's premier sporting event, after the Northern Marianas pulled out of plans to host the 2006 Micronesian Games.

High turnout expected for Nukunonu poll

15 February 2006, 15:13 AEST

The referendum on self determination for Tokelau moved to the tiny Pacific territory's second atoll of Nukunonu on Wednesday.

New land-lease proposal sparks community concern

15 February 2006, 8:37 AEST

A controversial proposal to change land lease laws in Palau to favour foreign investors is stirring up emotions in the community.

Military to sue government over pay deductions

15 February 2006, 8:10 AEST

In Fiji, the dispute between the Ministry of Finance and the country's military chief has taken another turn.

Positive reaction to new PM from diaspora

15 February 2006, 7:55 AEST

The appointment of Tonga's first commoner Prime Minister in a hundred years has been welcomed by overseas-based Tongans.

Cyclone Vaianu no longer a threat

14 February 2006, 15:28 AEST

Tropical Cyclone Vaianu, which has been bringing strong weather conditions to parts of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, is now listed as Category 1, with winds of up to 150 kilometres per hour.

High voter turn-out for independence referendum

14 February 2006, 15:00 AEST

Tokelau seems on the way to recording an impressively high voter turnout for its referendum on self-government.

Anger over cancellation of 2006 Micronesian Games

14 February 2006, 13:32 AEST

The head of Guam's National Olympic Committee, Ricardo Blas, has launched a scathing attack on the organisers of the Micronesian Games, after this year's games were scrapped due to a lack of funds.

Rural phone services to receive cut in charges

14 February 2006, 11:49 AEST

Phone charges for people living in rural and remote villages in Fiji will be dramatically reduced from Tuesday.

Bill to allow more home-rule on island issues

14 February 2006, 11:49 AEST

A prominent Guam politician has introduced a bill in the local legislature, in a bid to give the people of the island more leeway in making home-rule decisions on island issues.

New Year's bonus for once troubled super fund

14 February 2006, 11:49 AEST

Members of the National Superannuation Fund in Papua New Guinea are laughing all the way to the bank, after receiving a large - and unexpected - New Year's gift.

Cyclone Vaianu ain't misbehaving - yet

13 February 2006, 16:13 AEST

The Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre in Fiji is today advising that Cyclone Vaianu is likely to be upgraded to category three over the next six to twelve hours.

PM quits, replaced by commoner

13 February 2006, 16:13 AEST

Tonga's prime minister has resigned.

Anti money-laundering scheme to bolster security

13 February 2006, 14:24 AEST

For some years now, a number of Pacific Island states have been targetted by segments of the international community for their alleged vulnerability to money laundering.

Palm Oil jobs for Malaita on track

13 February 2006, 14:24 AEST

Plans to create thousands of new jobs in the palm oil industry on Malaita, in Solomon Islands, are on track, with land registration almost complete.

NZ warns Tonga of greater scrutiny

13 February 2006, 14:24 AEST

New Zealand has warned Tonga that it will pay greater attention to the Kingdom's affairs in future, according to the chairman of a parliamentary inquiry into New Zealand-Tonga relations.

Young rebels choose books over guns

13 February 2006, 14:24 AEST

After weeks of bad press, finally some positive news has emerged from Papua New Guinea's troubled autonomous province of Bougainville.

Deported security guards return from Solomon Islands

13 February 2006, 14:24 AEST

Eleven former Fiji soldiers deported from Solomon Islands this week are now back home.

Commercial satellite launch this Saturday

13 February 2006, 14:24 AEST

Over the weekend, a 21-meter tall, two-stage rocket was set to blast off from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall islands, in what's hoped to be the opening of a new chapter in space exploration.

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