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PACIFIC:World Bank helps individuals cut electricity costs

12 June 2007, 15:55 AEST

The World Bank Board in Washington is set to approve an innovative new scheme for the Pacific that will offer loans to individuals and small institutions to enable them to buy renewable energy generators.

Transparency International to open branch

12 June 2007, 15:52 AEST

A new branch of the anti-corruption group Transparency International is setting up in Tonga.

Correspondent soaks up market flavour

12 June 2007, 11:15 AEST

For Pacific Islanders the village, town, or city market, is their supermarket.

Ousted PM to travel to Suva for court hearing

12 June 2007, 11:14 AEST

Fiji's ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says he will be travelling to Suva next week to attend a court hearing.

Shaky start to regional tourism year

11 June 2007, 15:00 AEST

Tourism in Fiji and the Solomon Islands has suffered in the first part of this year with the industry struggling to cope with political and natural disturbances.

USP academics upset at military targeting students

11 June 2007, 15:00 AEST

Two academics at the University of the South Pacific have condemned the military for allegedly detaining and threatening a student.

Grand Dame of sport, Sophia Raddock, dies

11 June 2007, 15:00 AEST

Fiji's grand dame of sport, Sophia Raddock died at the weekend after a massive heart attack during a Team Fiji meeting.

Outsted VP accused of racial incitiment

11 June 2007, 15:00 AEST

Fiji's ousted vice-president, Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi, has been accused of inciting racial hatred by suggesting that many indigenous Fijians view the military takeover as an Indo-Fijian coup.

Trade agreement with Australia

11 June 2007, 15:00 AEST

Australia has signed an agreement which will allow for Papua New Guinea to export agricultural goods cheaply into Australia.

Government accuses Opposition of bribery

8 June 2007, 15:57 AEST

The Solomon Islands Government has accused the opposition of bribery.

PM alleges attempt to overthrow government

8 June 2007, 15:54 AEST

First to the Solomons and extraordinary allegations of what's described as an "evil strategy" to try to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Democracy MPs formal sedition indictment due in six weeks

8 June 2007, 15:52 AEST

Five pro-democracy MPs in Tonga should know when their trial on sedition charges will begin in the Supreme Court within six weeks.

Marriage identified as HIV risk for women

8 June 2007, 15:51 AEST

Marriage has been identified as an HIV infection risk for women according to experts from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, or SPC.

public support for fire investigation

8 June 2007, 15:51 AEST

Police in Vanuatu say they are receiving unprecedented public support in their investigation into the burning down of the country's Supreme Court building.

Civil Society Groups Take PM on.

8 June 2007, 12:01 AEST

Transparency Solomon Islands Executive Officer, Joses Tuhanuku, says civil society groups should take up the Prime Minister's invitation to discuss two recent controversial appointments.

FIJI:Provident fund risks big losses in tourism project

7 June 2007, 15:56 AEST

Fiji's National Provident Fund has shrugged off claims it is set to lose nearly 80 million Fiji dollars it has invested in the Natadola Marine Resort.

Supreme Court burned down

7 June 2007, 15:55 AEST

Vanuatu Police say a fire that destroyed the country's Supreme Court building in Port Vila this morning is suspicious.

Independent study claims electins can be held in 2008/9

7 June 2007, 15:53 AEST

An independent report has found that Fiji could hold parliamentary elections by November 2008 or at the latest in February or March 2009.

PM briefs NZ minister on political reform

7 June 2007, 15:42 AEST

Tonga's prime minister says his government is still committed to political reform, but change won't come as fast as some might prefer.

Australian adviser dismissed from finance department

7 June 2007, 15:41 AEST

Officials in Papua New Guinea are refusing to discuss the dismissal of an Australian adviser from the Finance Department.

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