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US wants better committment on democracy

5 October 2007, 14:42 AEST

The United States has made it clear it expects a better committment from Fiji to return to democracy in early 2009.

Media ordered to return leaked riot report

5 October 2007, 14:41 AEST

The Vanuatu Attorney General has ordered the country's media to return leaked copies of the report by the commission of inquiry into the Port Vila riots.

ANU denies allegations about Peoples Survey

5 October 2007, 14:40 AEST

The Australian National University is defending itself against accusations from the Solomon Islands government over a recent survey it conducted in the country.

Concern over plan to compile list of complainants to UN

5 October 2007, 14:40 AEST

A prominent critic of Fiji's interim government has criticised the head of the country's Human Rights Commission for compiling a list of Fiji citizens who have complained to the United Nations about the military takeover.

Interim PM wants to move away from race based voting

4 October 2007, 16:04 AEST

Fiji's Interim Government has given an in principal agreement to hold elections before March 2009 but the way people vote maybe completely different.

Forum sparks small scale economic boom

4 October 2007, 16:02 AEST

Tongan businesspeople are hoping the upcoming Pacific Islands Forum summit in Nukualofa will boost the Kingdom's economy.

Foreign Minister defends RAMSI role

3 October 2007, 16:25 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has defended his country's role in the leadership of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI.

Payment for RAMSI survey paid to Stats office

3 October 2007, 16:24 AEST

Claims by Solomons Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo about the payment for a peoples survey for RAMSI are being disputed in Honiara.

Moti affair sparks parliamentary stoush

3 October 2007, 16:21 AEST

In Papua New Guinea, fallout from the so-called Moti affair has led to tense scenes and strong words in Parliament.

Just two boxers to compete in world titles

3 October 2007, 16:16 AEST

Only two boxers from the Pacific Islands will compete at this month's World Boxing Championships in Chicago in the United States.

Democracy movement tells Chinese they oppose loan

3 October 2007, 16:15 AEST

Tonga's pro-democracy movement has decided to take their opposition to a large loan to the country from China direct to the Chinese government.

Foreign Minister attacks Australia at UN

2 October 2007, 16:44 AEST

Solomon Islands has used its annual address to the United Nations General Assembly to make its latest attack against the Regional Assistance Mission RAMSI and its Australian leadership.

Squash export trade facing crisis

2 October 2007, 16:20 AEST

Tonga's squash pumpkin industry is in crisis, with only half of last year's total tonnage being shipped to export markets this year.

Region second last in World Bank ease of doing business survey

1 October 2007, 16:56 AEST

The Pacific has come second last amongst the world's regions in the pace of business reform in this year's World Bank Doing Business report.

Legacy of World Cup to continue

1 October 2007, 16:15 AEST

In Rugby Union, the defending champions England have advanced to a quarter-final meeting with Australia after proving too strong for Tonga in their World Cup decider at the weekend.

Interim PM outlines plans for referendum

1 October 2007, 16:11 AEST

Fiji's interim Prime Minister says his Government is willing to hold a referendum to consider fundamental changes, including changes to the constitution.

Defence Force dismisses speculation PM facing arrest

1 October 2007, 16:10 AEST

There is speculation around Port Moresby that disgruntled soldiers - fed up with the Motigate Affair - are planning to arrest Prime Minister Michael Somare on his return from New York and charge him with treason.

PNG:Telikom may face collapse

1 October 2007, 15:56 AEST

Telikom Papua New Guinea may face financial collapse due to competition from foreign-owned mobile phone companies according to a leaked report delivered to the PNG government.

Govt luring opposition menbers.

1 October 2007, 15:55 AEST

The Solomon Islands Opposition leader, Fred Fono has rejected claims his members are considering switching sides and joining the government.

PM accuses democracy leader of acting like spoiled child

1 October 2007, 15:55 AEST

Tonga's prime minister has accused the head of the country's pro-democracy movement of acting like a spoiled child over the issue of political reform.

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