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NZ opposition says referendum outcome sends a message

21 February 2006, 10:35 AEST

The Opposition in New Zealand has praised the voters of Tokelau for rejecting free association with New Zealand, in a referendum held last week.

Emperor to explore for told in PNG and Fiji

20 February 2006, 14:34 AEST

Fiji's Emperor Mines is to invest US$15 million in a new program of gold exploration in Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

ANZ claims economic growth best since 1990s

20 February 2006, 8:22 AEST

The latest figures from Vanuatu show the economy is growing at its fastest rate since the mid-1990s.

Abramoff scandal puts spotlight on garment industry

20 February 2006, 8:22 AEST

The United States biggest political scandal in recent years now appears set to move to a remote corner of the Pacific.

Kava producers welcome anti-cancer findings

20 February 2006, 8:22 AEST

Pacific kava producers are ecstatic, after the findings of new scientific research suggested kava may prevent some types of cancer, including leukemia and ovarian cancer.

Police to examine security, money-laundering

20 February 2006, 8:22 AEST

The threat of terrorist activity in Australia has forced a change of venue for the annual meeting of the region's police commissioners.

New figures reveals increase in Pacific immigration

20 February 2006, 8:22 AEST

More Pacific Islanders than ever before are migrating to New Zealand.

Triathlon team prepares for Commonwealth Games

17 February 2006, 13:01 AEST

The Solomon Islands three-man triathlon team, which is to compete at the Commonwealth Games, has moved to the northern Australian state of Queenslands to prepare for its event.

Minister laments Fiji 'protectionism' on corned beef

17 February 2006, 8:56 AEST

Just when you thought the "Ox and Palm" corned beef war between Fiji and Papua New Guinea was over.

Filipinos to work in Goro project

17 February 2006, 8:56 AEST

New Caledonia's multi-million dollar new Goro nickel project is about to launch into its next phase of construction, bringing thousands of Filipino workers to the territory.

NZ disappointed over referendum failure

17 February 2006, 8:38 AEST

New Zealand's plans to help its colony of Tokelau move towards greater indpendence have been scuppered by a referendum held on the three atolls this week.

Voters reject greater independence from New Zealand

16 February 2006, 16:25 AEST

The people of Tokelau have voted against greater independence from New Zealand.

Forum hopes to lock Japanese aid into Pacific Plan

16 February 2006, 16:17 AEST

Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General Greg Urwin is in Japan to discuss the future of Tokyo's aid program to the Pacific.

Forum members prepare for Japan aid meeting

16 February 2006, 16:17 AEST

Pacific island countries are today gearing up for a meeting between the regional heads of government and the prime minister of Japan, to discuss the future of Japanese aid.

Concerns over tough quality control for imported kava

16 February 2006, 8:08 AEST

Fiji's ongoing concerns over quality control of kava imported from neighbouring countries have prompted it to send a technical team to visit Vanuatu.

Political fallout from failed deportation attempt

16 February 2006, 8:08 AEST

The unsuccessful attempt by a Vanuatu minister to deport a Papuan independence activist now appears likely to have some domestic repercussions.

Military takeover 'figment of media's imagination'

15 February 2006, 15:40 AEST

In Fiji, a spokesman for the military is now denying that Commander Voreqe Bainimarama had threatened to take over the government if it pushed ahead with what he has described as "racist policies".

ANZ gives government a glowing report-card

15 February 2006, 15:13 AEST

The ANZ Bank says the Papua New Guinea government, and Treasurer Bart Philemon in particular, have done a remarkable job in establishing macro-economic stability in PNG.

Uncertain future for Micronesian Games

15 February 2006, 15:13 AEST

There are serious doubts today over the future of Micronesia's premier sporting event, after the Northern Marianas pulled out of plans to host the 2006 Micronesian Games.

High turnout expected for Nukunonu poll

15 February 2006, 15:13 AEST

The referendum on self determination for Tokelau moved to the tiny Pacific territory's second atoll of Nukunonu on Wednesday.

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