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Qarase cautiously pleased about lifting of emergency ban

1 June 2007, 15:21 AEST

Fiji's ousted prime minister welcomes the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations, but isn't sure it includes him.

cautious welcome to lifting of state of emergency

1 June 2007, 14:52 AEST

There has been a cautious welcome to Fiji's decision to lift its state of emergency.

Predictions relations with improve with Australia

1 June 2007, 14:48 AEST

A prominent Papua New Guinea political analyst says parties contesting this month's general election show a willingness to mend the strained relationship between PNG and Australia.

Concerns about growing child sexual exploitation

1 June 2007, 14:45 AEST

There are concerns about increasing sexual exploitation and abuse of children in Papua New Guinea.

Premier hopes for more trade with China

1 June 2007, 14:45 AEST

Niue's premier hopes his visit to China next week will help convince Beijing to invest in the tiny Pacific state.

Aust navy finds evidence in search for missing WW2 sub

1 June 2007, 10:26 AEST

Earlier this year the Royal Australian Navy thought it might have discovered the wreck of Australia's first submarine, the AE1 which disappeared during the First World War in waters off Papua New Guinea.

Parlimantary Secretaries would be unconstitutional.

1 June 2007, 10:24 AEST

The Speaker of the Solomon Islands Parliament says a government move to create parliamentary secretaries for members of parliament would be unconstitutional.

Public Emergency Regulations lifted

1 June 2007, 10:22 AEST

Fiji's interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama has held a news conference to announce the latest details on the Public Emergency Regulations.

Riots inquiry illprepared.

31 May 2007, 15:43 AEST

In Solomon Islands, the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into last year's Honiara riots, Brian Brunton, says he's disappointed over preparations for the inquiry.

row over control of rugby union board

31 May 2007, 15:42 AEST

Sports and politics are indelibly linked in the Pacific.

No sign of tension at opening of Parliament

31 May 2007, 15:42 AEST

Tonga's parliament has reopened, with the King announcing significant changes to the education system.

Civil society groups to protest over Julian Moti

31 May 2007, 15:41 AEST

Solomon Islands main Civil Society groups say they are prepared to hold peaceful protests to try to stop the appointment of Julian Moti at the country's next attorney general.

inquiry into death of Samoan woman after power cut

31 May 2007, 15:41 AEST

There's is a growing sense of outrage in New Zealand over the case of an invalid Samoan woman who died after her power was cut off over an unpaid bill.

Manukau City to help Cook Islands infrastructure

31 May 2007, 12:26 AEST

The Mayor of Manukau City in New Zealand is going to the Cook Islands to advise the government on getting large scale developments contribute more towards infrastructure.

UPNG to open centre in Honiara.

30 May 2007, 15:30 AEST

The University of Papua New Guinea is to start running a university centre in neighbouring Solomon islands from July.

Opposition accuse PM of interfering in PNG affairs.

30 May 2007, 15:30 AEST

The Solomon Islands opposition has accused Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare of interfering in neighbouring Papua New Guinea's internal affairs.

IWC whale moratorium appears safe

30 May 2007, 15:30 AEST

The annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission is underway in Alaska, and what a difference a year makes.

Beddoes still legal opposition leader

30 May 2007, 15:30 AEST

In Fiji, Mick Beddoes says he's still the country's opposition leader.

Mixed reaction to wage increase

30 May 2007, 15:30 AEST

There's been a mixed response in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas to the US Congress' approval of an increase in minimum wages.

Embattled Pacific islands MP claims innocence over bribery charges

29 May 2007, 15:49 AEST

New Zealand's first ever Pacific islands MP is vowing to fight corruption charges which have seen his career derailed.

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