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University of Central Queensland Campus closes

26 January 2007, 10:34 AEDT

Australia's University of Central Queensland is shutting down its Fiji Campus.

Opposition to NZ City Council helping with rebuilding

25 January 2007, 17:03 AEDT

Foreign aid is usually something involving nations.

Government lawyers threaten to strike over pay.

25 January 2007, 16:49 AEDT

Members of the Solomon Islands Government Lawyers' and Magistracy Association are being urged to be patient while the government is dealing with their demands.

Second cyclone expected

25 January 2007, 16:49 AEDT

French Polynesia and neighbouring Cook Islands are bracing for the second tropical cyclone to hit the region in as many days.

Relations deteriorate between Govt and RAMSI

25 January 2007, 12:35 AEDT

The relationship between the government of Solomon Islands and the Australian led Regional Assistance Mission RAMSI seems to have deteriorated even further over the past week.

Fiji Water has big plans for 2007

24 January 2007, 16:51 AEDT

One of Fiji's big success stories, Fiji Water is hoping for an even bigger year in 2007 with plans to topple the prestigious French brand Evian as the biggest selling mineral water in the United States.

Australian volunteers keen to return

24 January 2007, 16:51 AEDT

Australian volunteers who had been working in Fiji are waiting to hear if they'll be returning to the country.

UN provides funding towards tackling measles

24 January 2007, 16:51 AEDT

Five of the poorest countries in the Western Pacific Region are receiving assistance from the United Nations in their fight against measles.

Moti inquiry says PM may have authorised escape flight

24 January 2007, 16:51 AEDT

A board of inquiry in Papua New Guinea says the Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, may have been personally responsible for controversial lawyer Julian Moti's escape to Solomon Islands last year.

Dame Carol backs calls for more women to run in election

24 January 2007, 12:04 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Minister for Community Development, Dame Carol Kidu has backed calls for political parties to endorse women candidates in this year's national elections.

Academy to preserve indigenous languages

24 January 2007, 11:35 AEDT

A new institution will be set up in New Caledonia with the aim to preserve up to 40 indigenous languages and dialects spoken in the French Territory.

Former opposition leader plans to quit politics

23 January 2007, 16:29 AEDT

The former leader of Fiji's parliamentary opposition party Mick Beddoes has taken the first step in getting out of politics.

Immigration policy under review

23 January 2007, 16:29 AEDT

Just months after easing restrictions on unskilled migrants from the Pacific, New Zealand's visa policy towards borderline skilled migrants is now under review.

Businesses determined to keep trading

23 January 2007, 16:29 AEDT

Tonga's business community appears determined to rebuild in the wake of last year's devastating riots which destroyed most of the centre of the capital, Nuku'alofa.

PM says MP arrests not a political decision

23 January 2007, 12:50 AEDT

Tonga's prime minister, Fred Sevele, has rejected accusations that the arrests of two pro-democracy MPs are designed to suppress political debate.

Controversy over planned wage changes

23 January 2007, 12:44 AEDT

American Samoa's leaders have held talks with key figures in the U.

Qarase to launch legal challenge against interim government

22 January 2007, 16:57 AEDT

A legal challenge to the authority of Fiji's military backed interim government could be heard as early as this week.

Temaru's no confidence motion rejected

22 January 2007, 16:16 AEDT

A motion of no confidence in French Polynesia's newly elected President, Gaston Tong Sang has failed due to a lack of quorum.

Aust business calls for downgraded travel warning

22 January 2007, 13:11 AEDT

Australian business groups with links to Fiji are calling for a reduction in the level of the Australian government's travel warning for the island nation.

Legislation proposed to allow more casinos

22 January 2007, 13:11 AEDT

A Senator from the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas wants to change legislation, which limits the number of Casino developers allowed on Tinian to five.

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