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Conflicting views on parliament proclamation.

3 August 2007, 10:38 AEST

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament have expressed conflicting views on the proclamation of parliament meetings.

AUSTRALIA:Public Opinion favours more aid

2 August 2007, 16:14 AEST

Australian's believe their government should make a bigger contribution to overseas aid according to a new report released by World Vision.

Calls for voiding of rapists electoral win

2 August 2007, 16:13 AEST

The public outcry against convicted rapist James Yali being able to take his seat in the PNG parliament is growing.

earthquake disrupts power & water

2 August 2007, 16:01 AEST

A powerful earthquake has struck Vanuatu creating panic and disrupting power and water supplies.

Unionist alleges army threatened to kill him

2 August 2007, 15:52 AEST

A prominent Fiji trade unionist is alleging he was threatened with death by the country's military.

Strike motivation could be political says unionist

2 August 2007, 15:51 AEST

The motivation behind the strike in Fiji has been questioned by the head of a union which doesn't belong to the Fiji Islands Confederation of Trade Unions.

Aust keen to begin free regional trade talks

2 August 2007, 15:46 AEST

Australia has told the Pacific Trade Ministers meeting in Vanuatu it is keen to begin free trade negotiations with the region.

Sir Julius Chan emerges as PM rival

2 August 2007, 15:46 AEST

Former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan has been nominated as a main rival to challenge Sir Michael Somare for the Prime Minister's post in a bid to form an alternate government.

Snap election called for late August

1 August 2007, 17:05 AEST

The people of Nauru will be going to the polls later this month.

New study finds Fiji most expensive place in Asia-Pacific

1 August 2007, 16:03 AEST

Fiji has become the most expensive place to live in the Asia Pacific region according to a new study by the Asian Development Bank.

Senior union man taken to military barracks

1 August 2007, 15:59 AEST

Fiji trade unionists are concerned about the welfare of a senior colleague who has been taken to the military barracks in Suva on the eve of a major strike.

PACIFIC; Trade row flares with the European Union

1 August 2007, 15:58 AEST

A major row has flared between Pacific members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and the European Union, just five months before they are to finalise an economic partnership agreement.

Row over ruling party using a government aircraft

1 August 2007, 15:58 AEST

Papua New Guinea's election results are close to being finally declared and the usual political horse-trading is now well under way, with Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare's National Alliance Party claiming to already have the numbers to retain government.

claims sex abuse priests moved to the Pacific

1 August 2007, 13:42 AEST

There's been a warning that some Roman Catholic priests involved in the sexual abuse of children maybe being moved to the Pacific Islands.

Prosecutor denies dropping charges

31 July 2007, 17:44 AEST

The crown prosecutor in a high-profile case before the Solomon Islands High Court has dismissed claims by the defence that the prosecution has dropped some charges.

Religious sect promises ancestors with wealth

31 July 2007, 17:44 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Anglican Church is concerned over a religious sect allegedly led by two defrocked members of the clergy.

Teachers strike on Thursday

31 July 2007, 17:25 AEST

The Fijian Teachers Association has announced that it will join nurses in a nation wide strike from Thursday.

FIJI:Big profit for phone telco despite lower call charges

31 July 2007, 16:29 AEST

Fiji's monopoly phone company, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings, has increased its profit by almost 19 per cent despite massive cuts to the price it is allowed to charge for phone calls.

Teachers planning to strike on Thursday

31 July 2007, 16:14 AEST

As the nurses strike in Fiji continues, the Fijian Teachers Association is waiting to hear whether the Interim Government Cabinet will give it any ground on Fiji's escalating five percent pay cut dispute.

Trade ministers hear concerns on meeting EU deadline

31 July 2007, 16:10 AEST

A meeting of trade ministers in the Pacific has heard of concerns in sealing an economic partnership agreement with the European Union.

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