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Air Pacific spreads wings to Tonga and beyond

12 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

Air Fiji has won the tender to service Tonga's domestic air routes and is planning to use its new Tongan joint venture as the springboard for some ambitious regional expansion plans.

Dentists, radiographers face uncertain future

12 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

Graduates in dentistry and radiography from the region's leading medical school are finding it difficult to get jobs.

Concern over rebel coup threats

12 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

The Bougainville Government says it's taking seriously threats by the former resistance group that it plans to launch a coup on the administration of the autonomous PNG province.

Underwater earthquake sparks tsunami concerns

12 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

On Sunday morning, parts of Papua New Guinea's East New Britain Province were hit by a strong earthquake, measuring 6.

Disappointment over free HIV drug trial

9 December 2005, 16:07 AEST

In our weekly wrap of Fiji affairs, we examine the tension now rising between Fiji's Ministry of Finance and army commander Frank Bainimarama over a surcharge on the Commodore's salary for overspending his budget.

Fiji kava ban lifted but bad blood remains

9 December 2005, 16:07 AEST

Vanuatu's kava industry has cautiously welcomed Fiji's decision to lift the ban it had placed on Vanuatu kava several months ago.

Government accused of hypocrisy over televangelist visit

9 December 2005, 11:54 AEST

Questions are being raised in Fiji over why the Fiji government has banned controversial Unification Church head Reverend Sun Myung Moon from the country, but is welcoming US televangelist Benny Hinn.

Power company to boost use of coconut oil

9 December 2005, 11:54 AEST

Vanuatu seems to be showing the rest of the Pacific the way in how to cut the region's reliance on imported diesel fuel by turning to a product almost every Pacific country has a reasonable supply of - coconuts.

Hazards of chemical weapons dumped in the ocean

9 December 2005, 11:54 AEST

A US Congressman says that more resources should be allocated for identification, isolation and clean up of chemical weapons dumped in the Pacific ocean at the end of World War Two.

Lack of physical activity could prove costly

9 December 2005, 11:54 AEST

Physical activity isn't always pleasant - in fact, more often than not it's a bore which many people in the Pacific could do without.

Hospital threatened with closure over health conditions

8 December 2005, 15:17 AEST

In Papua New Guinea, the Port Moresby General Hospital - the country's largest health establishment - has been threatened with closure, if it fails to address poor health and safety conditions of its staff.

Erupting volcano no threat to tourists

8 December 2005, 15:06 AEST

Vulcanologist on Vanuatu say that while there are still small eruptions at the crater of the Manaru volcano, there has been a sharp reduction in seismic activity and gas emissions.

Queensland recognises plight of South Sea Islanders

8 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

Between 1830 and 1902 some 62,000 Pacific Islanders were taken to work on sugar plantations in Australia - most of them to the northern state of Queensland.

Army wants to remove nuclear shelters

8 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

The Assembly of French Polynesia is currently holding an inquiry into the effects of French nuclear testing between 1966 and 1996.

Fisheries managers in town for Tuna Commission meet

8 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

Up to 140 people from across the Pacific have arrived in Pohnpei, in the Federated States of Micronesia, for the five-day meeting of the new Tuna Commission's Technical and Compliance Committee.

Investment used as ruse for back-door immigration

8 December 2005, 14:56 AEST

The Fiji Trade and Investment Board has cancelled the investment certificates of 45 foreign investors, amid allegations that foreign investment approvals are being used by Chinese nationals to circumvent immigration procedures.

No red-carpet welcome for Korean religious leader

7 December 2005, 16:16 AEST

The head of the Korean-based Unification Church, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, has had to alter his Pacific travel plans, after Fiji authorities refused him an entry visa.

Fears minister could fall foul of US terror laws

7 December 2005, 15:11 AEST

The United States embassy in Fiji has refused to comment on claims it it consulted a prominent Fiji human rights group over whether the country's transport minister should be viewed as a terrorist under US laws.

Experts declare Ambae volcanic eruption 'minor'

7 December 2005, 15:11 AEST

There's good news from Vanuatu, where after four days of deliberation vulcanologists believe the eruption on Ambae is a minor event.

Academic rejects labour mobility concerns

7 December 2005, 14:08 AEST

A prominent Pacific academic, Professor Robbie Robertson, has taken issue with Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer over labour mobility.

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