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Military commander says concessions aren't enough

1 December 2006, 13:25 AEDT

Fiji's military commander has remained defiant, telling Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase that his concessions on offer aren't good enough and that the New Zealand talks were a failure.

Calls for a worldwide ban on commercial fishing

1 December 2006, 13:25 AEDT

One of the world's most radical environmental groups is calling for a worldwide ban on commercial fishing.

NZ & Australian troops withdraw

1 December 2006, 13:25 AEDT

The military component of an Australia-New Zealand security force plans to withdraw from Tonga this week.

Suva mayor wants to sue military

30 November 2006, 17:40 AEDT

The fallout from last night's military exercise in Fiji continues with the Mayor of the capital Suva threatening to sue the military for invading the city.

Search continues for blackhawk soldier

30 November 2006, 17:40 AEDT

The seven injured Australian army soldiers are now on their way home, along with the body of one of their colleagues, after yesterday's Black Hawk helicopter crash off Fiji.

Supports peaceful outcome for Fiji

30 November 2006, 17:40 AEDT

Australia has branded the Fiji military exercise in Suva last night as superfluous, because no outside power will intervene in Fiji.

Prime minister Qarase addresses the nation

30 November 2006, 17:40 AEDT

Fiji's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has addressed the nation.

NZ brokers talks between PM and Military Commander

30 November 2006, 13:11 AEDT

New Zealand brokered talks in Wellington yesterday between Fiji's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and its military Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama to resolve the political impasse in their troubled country amid fears of a military coup.

Eight HIV/Aids cases identified

30 November 2006, 13:10 AEDT

The official number of people with HIV/Aids in Solomon Islands has now reached eight with two more confirmed cases.

Authorities may not work out why helicopter crashed

30 November 2006, 13:10 AEDT

The deep waters off Fiji may prevent authorities ever finding out the reasons why an Australian Army helicopter crashed and fell into the sea off the deck off an Australian warship late yesterday.

Reports of troops being deployed on streets from midnight

29 November 2006, 17:18 AEDT

Well Wednesday has been a day of contrasts in Fiji politics.

Hope prevails after crisis talks

29 November 2006, 17:18 AEDT

A meeting between Fiji's prime minister Laisenia Qarase and military commander Frank Bainimarama took place in New Zealand on Wednesday.

Foreign Affairs Minister says Fiji talks a good start

29 November 2006, 17:18 AEDT

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters who organised and mediated Wednesday's talks says they were a good start, but what happens next is now up to Prime Minister Quarase and Commodore Bainimarama.

Defence force and police accused of abuse

29 November 2006, 17:18 AEDT

Tongan police and defence personnel are being accused of brutally beating those in custody over this month's rioting in the capital, Nuku'alofa.

Property development causes concern

29 November 2006, 13:54 AEDT

While the people of Vanuatu are mostly glad to see tourists and business people in their country spending money, one group is making itself very unpopular.

New malaria study all the buzz

29 November 2006, 12:06 AEDT

UNICEF estimates that malaria kills a child every 30 seconds.

Concern about doubling of cancer & heart disease

29 November 2006, 12:06 AEDT

Health has been high on the agenda in Fiji this month in particular the prevention of non-communicable diseases or N-C-D.

What do the people think?

28 November 2006, 17:06 AEDT

With so many variables at play in Fiji at the moment over the current political standoff between the government and militar, the question on many people's minds, is a military coup possible.

Brokers peace talks between government and military

28 November 2006, 16:51 AEDT

It seems that New Zealand has played an important role in brokering this latest round of peace talks scheduled for tomorrow in Wellington.

PM flies to New Zealand to meet with Bainimarama

28 November 2006, 16:51 AEDT

Fiji's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase flew to New Zealand this afternoon to hold crisis talks with military commander Frank Bainimarama.

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