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Courts process MP's riot charges in fiery hearing

25 April 2006, 14:44 AEST

Solomon Islands is today slowly returning to normality, with the courts now processing charges related to last Thursday's Chinatown riots and Parliament nominating former prime minister Allan Kemakeza as deputy speaker.

Government to seek legal opinion on military's outspokenness

25 April 2006, 13:33 AEST

In the lead-up to Fiji's May general elections, the government and the military remain at loggerheads over the role the military is legally entitled to play.

Anzac day ceremonies pay tribute to WW2 Maori battalion

25 April 2006, 13:29 AEST

Today, both Australia and New Zealand celebrate Anzac Day, which marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand troops in the course of the First World War.

Environmental lawyer recognised by international award

25 April 2006, 9:45 AEST

An environmental lawyer from Papua New Guinea is today - that's Monday local time - receiving a major international award in the United States in recognition for her tireless efforts to protect the forests.

Premier says no sign of tension on Malaita

25 April 2006, 9:45 AEST

While police and troops mount guard on the streets of the Solomon Islands capital Honiara, there's been relatively little trouble reported in neighbouring Malaita Province.

Australia urges leaders to fight corruption

25 April 2006, 9:45 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has just returned from his visit last week to both Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.

Police strengthen security to avoid further rioting

25 April 2006, 8:56 AEST

Australian soldiers and police provided extraordinary security at the Solomon Islands Parliament on Monday to ensure that there was no recurrence of the riots that followed the election last week of the Prime Minister Snyder Rini.

Australia urges leaders to combat corruption

24 April 2006, 15:25 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has just returned from his visit last week to Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.

Prominent MP arrested and charged, after Chinatown riots

24 April 2006, 15:25 AEST

Solomon Islands MP and factional leader Charles Dausabea was arrested on Monday outside the Solomon Islands Parliament, on charges relating to last week's riots.

Week of rioting sets economy back decades

24 April 2006, 15:25 AEST

The Solomon Islands' Central Bank has reported that last week's violence has set the economy back decades, causing the loss of thousands of jobs.

Extra Australian police arrive for swearing-in of Parliame

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

More Australian forces are arriving in Solomon Islands to try to ensure the official swearing in of the members of the newly elected Parliament doesn't degenerate into the violence that followed the election of the new Prime Minister last Tuesday.

Maori war veteran to spearhead Australian remembrance ceremony

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

In New Zealand, 2006 has been designated the Year of the War Veteran.

Pirated DVDs could damage future of Pacific island movies

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

In New Zealand, pirated copies of a new movie about a Samoan wedding could seriously damage the possibility of films on Pacific island themes being made in the future.

Australian 'gift' acknowledges development success

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

Papua New Guinea is to receive a 30 million dollar gift from Australia this year in recognition of its efforts in tackling challenging development issues such as good governance and HIV AIDS.

Government admits cross-border crime is increasing

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

Papua New Guinea has acknowledged its borders are increasingly being used by international crime groups to carry out illegal activities, including the smuggling of drugs, guns and illegal immigrants.

Country's youth needs more sport, fewer riots

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

The President of the Solomon Islands Football Federation says sport has an important role to play in the wake of recent violence in Honiara.

Radio editor critical of rival riot coverage

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

The role of a private radio station during the riots which swept the Solomon islands capital Honiara last week has been questioned by the news editor of the government-run Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation.

RAMSI crackdown on opposition MPs following riots

24 April 2006, 12:46 AEST

The Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands has launched a crackdown on a number of opposition members of the Solomon Islands Parliament just as the opposition was preparing to mount a vote of no-confidence in the new Prime Minister.

Defiant Snyder Rini says he won't step down

21 April 2006, 15:42 AEST

On Friday afternoon, a defiant Snyder Rini fronted his first media conference, saying he wasn't planning to step down as prime minister and that he did have the numbers in Parliament.

More Australian peacekeepers to be sent to Honiara

21 April 2006, 15:42 AEST

Australia's Prime Minister John Howard has announced that Australia will send still more troops to Solomon Islands, bringing the total number of Australian soldiers and police officers to around 500.

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