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Indian Ocean tsunami sparks fears in Aitape

5 January 2005, 11:15 AEST

The massive tsunami which devastated coastal communities in Asia late last month will go down in history as the worst in recent times.

Tsunami experts agree about time constraints

5 January 2005, 11:15 AEST

Officials in Guam believe the systems in place throughout the American-affiliated territories to deal with a massive tidal wave remain up to the task.

Church leaders focus on prayer for tsunami victims

5 January 2005, 10:44 AEST

Church leaders in the Pacific are urging their congregations to continue to offering prayers and support for victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Oceanic war between the two Chinas

5 January 2005, 10:44 AEST

When the government of Vanuatu's Prime Minister Serge Vohor came to an end last month, it was seen as yet another example of rivalry between China and Taiwan spilling over into the Pacific.

Volcano victims relying on goodwill and aid

5 January 2005, 10:44 AEST

In Papua New Guinea, close to 8000 people have been evacuated in recent months from Manam Island in Madang province to the mainland following the eruption of a volcano there.

Tsunami warning system adequate but not perfect

5 January 2005, 10:44 AEST

As Asia continues its struggle in the aftermath of last week's devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, emergency service providers throughout the region are continuing to review their level of preparedness.

Region rallies behind tsunami victims

5 January 2005, 10:44 AEST

Across the region, efforts are already underway to help the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year

24 December 2004, 16:32 AEST

The Pacific Beat team would like to wish you all best wishes for the holiday season and a look forward to your company in 2005.

Media following investigations closely

24 December 2004, 16:32 AEST

Local Solomon Islands media outlets are following investigations closely.

Police investigations into murder continue

24 December 2004, 16:32 AEST

In Solomon Islands, the Regional Assistance Mission has announced it wants to question a man in relation to the murder of Australian Federal police officer Adam Dunning this week.

Employment prospects improving for Pacific Islanders

24 December 2004, 12:11 AEST

Finding work in New Zealand is becoming easier for potential immigrants, many of whom are now sitting job interviews before they've even boarded a plane.

Tourism industries to receive millions in funding

24 December 2004, 12:09 AEST

Tourism industries in the Pacific look set to receive multi-million dollar injections over the next two years.

Is one team's dominance good for cricket?

24 December 2004, 12:09 AEST

Cricket Australia is pushing ahead with its new Long Live Cricket media campaign aimed at promoting the game and highlighting its role in Australian culture.

Floods destroy historic maps and books

23 December 2004, 17:17 AEST

Weeks after a flash flood devastated the University of Hawai'i's Hamilton Library, preservation experts and archivists are still working to repair the damage.

Memorial held for murdered RAMSI officer

23 December 2004, 16:49 AEST

In Solomon Islands military reinforcements have arrived in Honiara following the murder yesterday of an Australian police officer who was serving with RAMSI - the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

Parties prepare for February elections

23 December 2004, 16:49 AEST

Around the region, people are winding down for Christmas.

Investigation hotline set up

23 December 2004, 16:49 AEST

The investigation into Adam Dunning's death are in the early stages, but a special phone line has been set up to encourage people to help with police investigations.

Australia to airlift 100 soldiers after RAMSI murder

23 December 2004, 11:04 AEST

Australia will today airlift 100 soldiers to Solomon Islands, following the murder yesterday morning of an Australian police officer in Honiara.

Was the President forced to resign in 2000 ?

23 December 2004, 11:04 AEST

In Fiji, the police investigation into the 2000 coup is now focussing on a meeting involving the president which took place aboard a naval vessel at the height of the crisis.

Foreign Minister says intimidation will not work

23 December 2004, 10:48 AEST

The New Zealand government has responded to the killing by saying its support for RAMSI is as strong as ever.

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