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Protest by TV workers linked to sackings

22 June 2006, 12:04 AEST

Management of Papua New Guinea's sole Television station, EMTV, has confirmed that a sit-in protest by workers last week indirectly led to the termination of two employees.

Shoppers short-changed in sugar shortage shenanigans

22 June 2006, 12:04 AEST

Fiji, which is a major supplier of sugar to the world market, is now in the midst of a sugar shortage.

Mauritius's multi-ethnic government an example to emulate

22 June 2006, 12:04 AEST

The economies and politics of two island-countries, Fiji and Mauritius, have been compared by the editors of a new book - and the news isn't good for Fiji.

To link or not to link aid to whaling votes

22 June 2006, 12:04 AEST

New Zealand's opposition wants more of a connection between its foreign aid to Pacific nations and their stance on international issues such as whaling.

Trade ministers discuss tariffs and labour mobility

21 June 2006, 14:35 AEST

The reduction of commercial barriers is high on the agenda at this year's meeting of trade ministers, from Pacific Islands Forum member countries, underway in Fiji.

Schools face penalties over superannunation payments

21 June 2006, 12:24 AEST

The Guam Public School System may be facing criminal penalties for missing payments to the government's retirement fund.

Government loses patience over academic's criticism

21 June 2006, 12:24 AEST

Papua New Guinea has again expressed outrage over a recent attack on the country by an Australian academic, who said PNG was on the verge of collapse.

MPs' court bid to curtail royal power backfires

21 June 2006, 12:24 AEST

An attempt by a group of Tongan MPs to challenge the power of the King in court appears to have backfired, with the country's Chief Justice ruling against them.

China trip seen as 'slap in the face' to Taiwan

21 June 2006, 12:24 AEST

The business community in the Marshall Islands has criticised a visit to China by a group of Marshallese politicians, describing it as a slap in the face for Taiwan.

Australian opposition predicts seasonal worker test scheme

21 June 2006, 12:24 AEST

Australia's opposition spokesman on Pacific island affairs has predicted that a report being prepared by the Australian Senate will recommend a test scheme to bring Pacific workers to Australia for seasonal work, such as fruit-picking.

Baledrokadroka refuses to appear in hearing

20 June 2006, 15:10 AEST

Fiji's a former Commander of the military forces Colonel Jone Balendrokadroka has refused to appear before a Summary of Evidence Hearing.

Government won't process Papuans from Australia

20 June 2006, 10:19 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare says he will not accept any requests from Australia to process West Papuan asylum seekers in PNG.

Regional throws support behind Japan on whaling

20 June 2006, 10:19 AEST

A win by pro-whaling nations at this week's International Whaling Commission meeting has been hailed as a major setback for Australia and the conservation movement.

Moratorium on logging licencing ineffective

20 June 2006, 10:19 AEST

The Solomon Islands government plans to impose a moratorium on new logging licences.

Experts differ on future of development bank

20 June 2006, 10:19 AEST

Vanuatu's parliament has passed legislation to set up an Agricultural Development Bank, to finance ni-Vanuatu agricultural initiatives.

Pro-whalers win key vote at IWC meet

19 June 2006, 15:14 AEST

Pro-whaling nations have secured their first major victory at the International Whaling Commission at St Kitts in the Caribbean.

Top Pacific journalist heads to Forum Secretariat

19 June 2006, 15:14 AEST

The name Johnson Honimae is synonymous with Solomon Islands media.

Territory's political status re-examined

19 June 2006, 10:23 AEST

American Samoa, which is listed as an "unincorporated and unorganised territory of the United States", is re-examining its political status.

Foreign workers fill labour shortage on Guam

19 June 2006, 10:23 AEST

Jobless foreign workers in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas could find some solace in nearby Guam, where they may help ease a looming labor shortage.

Healthy reserve boosts exchange rate

19 June 2006, 10:23 AEST

Papua New Guinea's business community has welcomed an announcement by the Central Bank, suggesting the country's foreign reserves now stand at almost K3-billion kina around a billion US dollars.

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