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Pirated Samoan comedy DVD could hurt future ventures

21 April 2006, 9:19 AEST

In New Zealand, pirated copies of a new movie about a Samoan wedding could seriously damage the possibility of films on Pacific island themes being made in the future.

Newspaper readers forced to turn to internet, radio

20 April 2006, 12:44 AEST

The Solomons Star newspaper has yet to hit the street, despite its reporters and photographers having worked hard covering the rioting in Honiara.

Night curfew imposed ahead of troops' arrival

20 April 2006, 10:10 AEST

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has warned rioting protestors on the Solomon Islands that the country's democratic processess and stability won't be overturned.

Rioters burn Pacific Casino Hotel to the ground

20 April 2006, 10:10 AEST

Rampaging looters in Honiara set fire to the Pacific Casino Hotel on Wednesday afternoon, after they made away with property from complex.

Police given new powers to restore order

20 April 2006, 10:10 AEST

Solomon Islands police have been given sweeping new powers to restore law and order in the capital Honiara.

Catholic leader says tension will continue to simmer

20 April 2006, 10:10 AEST

The first group of Australian troops is now in the Solomon Islands to assist with efforts to end the rioting and looting.

Whistleblower suggests smuggling to Australia is out of control

20 April 2006, 10:10 AEST

The arrival of Papuan asylum seekers in Australia's remote Cape York last month may not have been an isolated incident.

Campaigner suggests most Australians support independence

20 April 2006, 10:10 AEST

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has played down an opinion poll showing more than three-quarters of Australians would back Papuan independence.

Papuan activist appeals against deportation

20 April 2006, 10:10 AEST

A Papuan activist who has lived in Vanuatu for 20 years is appealing against a government attempt to deport him.

Academic says RAMSI's not to blame for riots

19 April 2006, 15:06 AEST

Australia's foremost academic expert on Solomon Islands, Associate Professor Clive Moore, says there is little that RAMSI could have done to avert the eruption of violence in Honiara in the aftermath of the election of Snyder Rini as Prime Minister.

Australia to send more troops to quell rioting

19 April 2006, 15:06 AEST

As we go to air today, Australia's Prime Minister has just announced that Australia will send more troops to the Solomon Islands as the unrest which has so far injured 17 Australian police officers, continues.

Church leader calls for public caning to combat rape

19 April 2006, 13:36 AEST

A Church leader in Papua New Guinea has challenged the government to introduce legislation to allow for corporal punishment of rapists.

Fears that commercial logging could wipe out natural forests

19 April 2006, 13:36 AEST

NGO groups in Papua New Guinea have warned the country's forests could be wiped out in less than 30 years if large-scale commercial logging isn't stopped.

Chinatown burns in night of looting and violence

19 April 2006, 6:55 AEST

Around 1,000 protesters took to the streets of Solomon Islands overnight, looting and burning cars and shops across the capital Honiara.

Speaker critical of RAMSI response to crisis

19 April 2006, 6:51 AEST

The Speaker of the Solomon Islands parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, has criticised the way in which RAMSI handled the crisis, saying there were better ways of calming the protesters.

Looting continues as PM remains holed up

18 April 2006, 18:02 AEST

Controversial politician Snyder Rini has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, sparking riots in the capital Honiara.

Honiara tense as protesters surround parliament

18 April 2006, 16:17 AEST

The newly elected Prime Minister Snyder Rini was on Tuesday unable to leave parliament, with an angry crowd still surrounding the building.

Temaru struggles with tenous parliamentary majority

18 April 2006, 14:58 AEST

In French Polynesia, the election of a rank outsider as Speaker of the Assembly has further threatened President Oscar Temaru's tenuous grip on government.

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