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Police artefact bust highlights risk of cultural theft

4 May 2006, 13:40 AEST

Vanuatu police have thwarted attempts to ship a consignment of looted artefacts out of the country, which included a life-sized sacred carved-stone pig - traditionally used for drinking kava.

Rap, swearing and music - three strikes against NZ movie

3 May 2006, 15:40 AEST

Sione's Wedding, the New Zealand-made movie with an all-Samoan cast, has been attacked by a college president in American Samoa.

Election result could depend candiates popularity

3 May 2006, 15:08 AEST

Time is now running out for the 300 candidates out on the hustings, in the lead-up to Fiji's general elections.

Mother confident son's candidacy won't spark family feud

3 May 2006, 15:08 AEST

With voting set to kick off in Fiji general elections on Saturday, candidates have been busy canvassing for votes and support.

Sudden influx of foreign journalists affected crisis cover

3 May 2006, 13:02 AEST

One element of the recent political crisis in Solomon Islands was the wave of Australian and other foreign journalists who rushed to Honiara.

House of Reps shelves 10% cut in civil service wages.

3 May 2006, 13:02 AEST

When the newly elected governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Benigno Fitial, took office in January, he says he was faced with a dire economic situation.

Officials target human trafficking hot-spots

3 May 2006, 13:02 AEST

In American Samoa, the government's Territorial Intelligence Unit has developed a community education program in a bid to combat human trafficking.

Candidates promise to resolve causes of conflict

3 May 2006, 13:02 AEST

On Thursday, Solomon islanders will have a their second prime minister in under a month, after the recent riots forced the former controversial Prime Minister-elect, Snyder Rini, to resign.

Air Pacific to expand nationally and internationally

3 May 2006, 13:02 AEST

Fiji's national airline, Air Pacific, has secured two big new agreements to further its ambitious plans for international and domestic growth.

Both candidates for PM claim majority

2 May 2006, 15:33 AEST

Both candidates for the job as Solomon Islands Prime Minister are busy trying to garner support in the lead up to Thursday's vote in parliament.

Countdown to vote for PM continues

2 May 2006, 15:33 AEST

North West Choiseul MP Manasseh Sogavare has dismissed claims by fellow Solomon Islands MP Fred Fono, suggesting Mr Fono he had secured 30 seats ahead of Thursday's vote for the new prime minister.

Candidate wants autonomy for Rotuma

2 May 2006, 15:33 AEST

With three more days left before polling begins in Fiji's general election, at least one of the record 338 candidates vying for a seat in the 71-member parliament has a very different message.

Opposition move to dissolve parliament

2 May 2006, 10:08 AEST

A senior member of Solomon Islands oppositon has tabled a motion to dissolve the entire parliament.

Women candidates hope to increase parliamentary numbers

2 May 2006, 10:08 AEST

The people of Fiji will go to the polls on Saturday to elect new representatives for the 71-seat Parliament.

Government public services agreement under fire

2 May 2006, 10:08 AEST

Fiji's caretaker government has signed a three-year Partnership Agreement with all six public sector unions - reaching settlement of many of the unions' longstanding demands.

Wednesday's vote for PM should run smoothly

1 May 2006, 15:31 AEST

The media spotlightno doubt will be focused on Solomon Islands again this Wednesday, when the country's politicians vote for a new prime minister.

Commonwealth observers steer clear of political controversy

1 May 2006, 15:31 AEST

The six-member Commonwealth observer team, which is in Fiji for the country's general elections, has declined to comment on the failure to implement the recommendations of the observer team at previous elections.

NZ High Commission redevelopment cancelled

1 May 2006, 12:15 AEST

A controversial project to turn the Cook islands High Commission building in New Zealand into a high-rise development appears to have fallen through.

Calls for medical school to merge with regional university

1 May 2006, 12:15 AEST

Fiji's government medical school, the Fiji School of Medicine, could be about to merge with the University of the South Pacific and become the regional institution's medical faculty.

Announcement of new police commissioner still pending

1 May 2006, 12:15 AEST

Vanuatu's Police Service Commission says it will be in a position to announce who the next police commissioner will be by the end of May.

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