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Foreign Minister says intimidation will not work

23 December 2004, 10:48 AEST

The New Zealand government has responded to the killing by saying its support for RAMSI is as strong as ever.

RAMSI officer murdered

23 December 2004, 10:47 AEST

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands has suffered its first fatality.

Shooting forces rethink of senior position

23 December 2004, 10:47 AEST

Today's shooting has forced Solomon Islands Cabinet to reconsider its options in recruiting the next police commissioner.

Government to address public housing crisis

22 December 2004, 11:42 AEST

New Caledonia's President Marie-Noelle Themereau has announced plans to improve public housing as an urgent matter of 'social peace and justice'.

Australia keen to increase inventment

22 December 2004, 11:42 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, is keen for Australian businesses to invest more in New Caledonia.

In search of a pop idol

22 December 2004, 11:42 AEST

Why do Pacific Islanders do so well in talent quests? It's a question many Australian viewers have been asking recently, with the second edition of the televised 'Australian Idol' competition attracting a number of islander contestants.

Infant death rate rises in highlands

21 December 2004, 17:28 AEST

There's concern among health workers and non-government organisations in Papua about the rising death toll among babies in the Indonesian province.

Bank dispute may impact Christmas cheer

21 December 2004, 17:28 AEST

There are only a few shopping days to go before Christmas, but an industrial dispute in Fiji may dampen Christmas cheer.

Maritime security scandal - storm-in-a-tea-cup ?

21 December 2004, 11:57 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and his New Zealand counterpart Phil Goff have both poured scorn on reports last week that Australia had intiated a new maritime security exclusion zone without consulting its neigbours.

Volcano evacuees face difficulties on the mainland

21 December 2004, 11:57 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Red Cross says victims of the volcanic eruption on Manam Island are in desperate need of water, food supply and improved sanitation.

The challenges of restoring public sector accountability

21 December 2004, 11:57 AEST

The Regional Assistance Mission in the Solomon Islands has moved into the next phase of its efforts to restore law and order to the country.

Concern over medical brain drain

21 December 2004, 11:57 AEST

For over a century, the Fiji School of Medicine has been training doctors.

Tropical storm alert

20 December 2004, 17:00 AEST

The Commonwealth of Northern Marianas is on a tropical storm alert.

Transnational crime still threatening region

20 December 2004, 11:33 AEST

The Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum says globalisation and transnational crime were posing threats to the region's security, one of the issues highlighted was that of identity fraud.

Britain consolidates diplomatic missions in the region

20 December 2004, 11:33 AEST

Britain's embassy in Vanuatu is one of three diplomatic missions in the Pacific region to be closed in a major shakeup of British overseas posts.

Australia and NZ commit to stablising the Pacific

20 December 2004, 11:33 AEST

Australia and New Zealand believe their joint approach to most problems facing the Pacific Islands is having an impact.

Future uncertain for garment workers

20 December 2004, 11:32 AEST

A third of the 14-thousand workers in Fiji's garment industry will be jobless next year.

Construction begins on new gold mine

20 December 2004, 11:32 AEST

A new gold mine is due to begin construction on Papua New Guinea's Simberi Island in New Ireland province, midway through 2005.

Pizza Wars !

20 December 2004, 11:32 AEST

A war may be about to break out on the streets of the Pacific, although this time it has nothing to do with gangs, coups and disaffected army generals.

A new governance accord with Australia

17 December 2004, 16:42 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister is wrapping up his five country visit to the Pacific this weekend.

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