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Former FBC head "hurt" by abuse of office allegations

6 July 2007, 15:45 AEST

The former head of Fiji's national broadcaster who has been prevented from travelling overseas says he's been very hurt by the incident.

Former Prime Minister jailed

6 July 2007, 15:44 AEST

A former Solomon Islands Prime Minister and former Premier of Guadalcanal Province, Ezekiel Alebua, has been sentenced to three and half years imprisonment.

Landowners protest against the US military

6 July 2007, 9:50 AEST

Landowners in Guam's Urunao district are protesting against access to their properties being blocked off by the US military.

Ousted PM under investigation for corruption

6 July 2007, 9:47 AEST

Outgoing Fiji Independent Commisioner Against Corruption Chief Investigator revealed yesterday that ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase is now under investigation over corruption allegations.

Legal draftsman sacked

5 July 2007, 17:30 AEST

The Solomon Islands government has sacked its Legal Draftsman reportedly on orders from Prime Minister Sogavare.

Electoral roll still over inflated say observers

5 July 2007, 15:27 AEST

Local election observers in Papua New Guinea say the country's new electoral roll is still over inflated despite attempts to get rid of ghost names.

AUSTRALIA:Labor's new approach to the Pacific

5 July 2007, 15:27 AEST

Australia's Opposition leader, Kevin Rudd, has unveiled a new foreign policy plan for the Pacific.

A-G offers to help former FBC head with travel ban

5 July 2007, 14:43 AEST

Fiji's Attorney-General says he's offered to assist Francis Herman.

Foreign Minister calls on PNG to release Moti report

5 July 2007, 12:41 AEST

The Australian Government has called for Papua New Guinea's Defence Force Board of Inquiry report into the Julian Moti affair to be made public.

Media Council disturbed by travel ban on Francis Herman

5 July 2007, 12:03 AEST

The Chairman of the Fiji Media Council, Darryl Tarte, says he'll be making further inquiries into what happened to Francis Herman.

Former FBC head prevented from leaving the country

5 July 2007, 10:27 AEST

The decision by Fiji's interim government to prevent the former head of the national broadcaster from leaving the country is likely to tarnish the country's reputation.

FIJI:Tourism project contributed to Bridgecorp collapse

4 July 2007, 15:48 AEST

Fiji's troubled Momi Bay Residential and Resort Development was one of the precipitating factors behind the collapse of the New Zealand, company Bridgecorp.

US Congressman barred from visiting Papua

4 July 2007, 15:46 AEST

The U-S Congressman from American Samoa has been barred from visiting Papua by the Indonesian government.

Strong voter interest in State of Origin game

4 July 2007, 15:45 AEST

And now we're joined from the PNG capital, Port Moresby, for a national update on the election by our Pacific correspondent, Campbell Cooney.

Voting irregularities in Enga province

4 July 2007, 15:41 AEST

Voting in Papua New Guinea's general election has been taking place in Enga province today, after a largely peaceful process in Southern Highlands.

Public servants threaten another strike

4 July 2007, 15:40 AEST

Tonga's public servants are threatening another national strike.

Women advised to arm themselves for protection

4 July 2007, 10:37 AEST

An increase in sexual crimes in the Papua New Guinea city of Lae, especially rape, has resulted in women and girls being advised to arm themselves for protection.

climate change to cause instability in region

3 July 2007, 17:24 AEST

The Australian Government's defence think-tank says climate change will multiply the threats in the Asia Pacific - from climate refugees to natural disasters to military patrols to stop illegal fishing.

Day four of peaceful voting in general election

3 July 2007, 15:36 AEST

Day four of voting in Papua New Guinea's general election and heavy security appears to be paying off with early signs of a peaceful turnout.

Tourism boost needed to avoid economic crisis

3 July 2007, 15:35 AEST

Fiji's tourism needs to improve drastically to avoid a looming economic crisis according to an Australian based Fiji academic.

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