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Nurses urge government to address acute drugs shortage

26 July 2006, 15:20 AEST

Papua New Guinea's nurses association has urged the national government to address an acute drugs shortage at the Port Moresby General Hospital and urban clinics.

United Nations opens new Pacific regional centre

26 July 2006, 14:47 AEST

The United Nations has established a new regional centre for the Pacific, as part of its program of decentralisation.

Melanesian countries considering regional security force

26 July 2006, 14:47 AEST

The Melanesian bloc is working towards setting up a sub-regional security force like a rapid response unit to deal with emergency situations in member countries.

Region prepares for avian flu spread

26 July 2006, 14:47 AEST

Avian influenza continues to make headlines as more human cases are reported around the world.

Political upheaval as snap election called

25 July 2006, 15:13 AEST

Who is the prime minister of the Cook Islands? Normally that's not a trick question, but events on Tuesday made it one many Cook islanders are asking themselves.

PM expresses hope for economic progress

25 July 2006, 15:13 AEST

The Solomon Islands economy reached a point of near collapse after the years of social unrest.

Island marine research sanctuary planned

25 July 2006, 11:41 AEST

Fiji is planning to turn one of its islands into a marine research sanctuary.

Landowner blockade threatens sugar crush

25 July 2006, 11:41 AEST

More than 100,000 tonnes of sugar cane in Fiji is in danger of being left to rot.

Youth bulge impacts politics and life of region

25 July 2006, 11:41 AEST

While many countries in the world are struggling to cope with an ageing population, the Pacific is experiencing a 'youth bulge'.

April riots under investigation

25 July 2006, 11:41 AEST

In Solomon Islands, a Commission of Inquiry will begin work next week to find out who is responsible for the April riots in Chinatown.

Warning of chaos in next year's election

24 July 2006, 16:07 AEST

Cash hand-outs to voters, candidates spending millions of kina on campaigning, a kidnapping, angry disenfranchised voters - and a drawn-out disputed vote.

Concerns regional tech college could fuel brain-drain

24 July 2006, 16:07 AEST

When Australia announced an ambitious program to develop technical skills in the Pacific late last year, the news was largely overshadowed by a regional controversy over labour mobility.

Rugby team contemplates loss to Australia-A

24 July 2006, 16:07 AEST

The curtains have fallen on Fiji rugby's 2006 international season with a 80-9 loss in Melbourne on Saturday.

Parliament considers gay marriage ban

24 July 2006, 16:07 AEST

The Cook Islands Parliament is considering a law change to ban gay marriage.

Government cuts ministry funds for COLA bill

24 July 2006, 16:07 AEST

One of the authors of Fiji's Constitution has warned the government against dipping into the health and education budgets to fund a pay rise for public servants.

Thousands attend royal funeral

21 July 2006, 15:31 AEST

Thousands of people turned out for Tonga's Royal funeral.

Government could roll after by-election

21 July 2006, 15:31 AEST

Cook Islands is facing the prospect of a new government after this week's crucial by-election in the seat of Matavera.

Power crisis on Ebeye Island

21 July 2006, 15:31 AEST

Local authorities on Ebeye Island in the Marshall Islands have called on the national government to declare a 'state of emergency' because of serious power shortages.

Ramsi chief defends mission's future

21 July 2006, 15:31 AEST

Three years ago this week, Australian troops and police arrived in Solomon Islands to form the regional assistance mission, Ramsi.

Uproar over president's pro-independence comments

21 July 2006, 9:06 AEST

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has created a stir among the opposition with his latest remarks at the Pacific Youth Festival in Tahiti.

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