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NGOs oppose arming police

15 December 2006, 16:27 AEDT

Samoa's non government organisations say they are wary of proposed legislation to give police new powers.

Military Council army's think tank

15 December 2006, 16:27 AEDT

But first to Fiji, where the strategies undertaken by the military regime since the coup was declared have been carefully planned and stage managed - but by whom? Rumours circulating around Fiji suggest that a military council made up of retired ex-commanders are in charge of the think tank.

Military sackings roll on

15 December 2006, 16:27 AEDT

To our correspondent in Fiji, Samisoni Pareti for a review of some of the weeks events including the unprecented number of sackings by the military of senior public servants.

Newspaper editor to be deported

15 December 2006, 16:27 AEDT

A Fijian newspaper Editor who has been a constant critic of Fiji's military leadership is to be deported.

Opposition withdraws no-confidence motion.

15 December 2006, 16:27 AEDT

The Vanuatu opposition has withdrawn its motion of no-confidence in Prime Minister Ham Lini this morning due to lack of support.

Government wants police commissioner gone

15 December 2006, 12:40 AEDT

The Cook Islands police commissioner is ignoring calls for his resignation, after a damning review of the country's police force.

EU still uncertain over future of sugar reform package

15 December 2006, 12:40 AEDT

The European Union says it has yet to make a decision on whether the coup will affect its planned assistance package to the sugar industry.

Sugar industry facing crisis

15 December 2006, 12:40 AEDT

Following the military takeover in Fiji last week, the island nation's sugar industry is facing a possible crisis.

Government faces fifth no-confidence motion

15 December 2006, 12:40 AEDT

The Vanuatu coalition government of Prime Minister Ham Lini is facing a fifth motion of no-confidence on Friday.

Adi Litia sacked by military reviews her future

14 December 2006, 17:33 AEDT

One of a number of casualties of the Fiji military's clean-up campaign of the Qarase government is the Chief Executive of the Fijian Affairs Board, Adi Litia Qionibaravi.

Peaceful protests being held

14 December 2006, 17:33 AEDT

While the coup in Fiji hasn't generated massive violent protests against the new military regime, there has been opposition.

Rabuka says coup could have been avoided

14 December 2006, 17:33 AEDT

Fiji's former Prime Minister and military commander Major General Sitiveni Rabuka says the current situation of a coup in the Pacific nation could have been avoided.

Temaru Government toppled

14 December 2006, 17:33 AEDT

French Polynesia's government of Oscar Temaru has been ousted following a vote of no confidence.

Police continue investigating Julian Moti.

14 December 2006, 17:33 AEDT

Solomon Islands police will continue investigations into the Julian Moti immigration case despite it being thrown out by the Honiara Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Opinion divided on the economic impact of coup

14 December 2006, 12:37 AEDT

There's a growing consensus in Fiji that the country's economic outlook for 2007 isn't good, with fears the coup will take its toll on economic growth.

International donors looking at aiding business recovery

14 December 2006, 12:37 AEDT

Tonga is playing host to a team representing major international aid donors this week, who will be looking at ways to help the country's business community get back on its feet.

Coup leader holds regular press conference

13 December 2006, 17:12 AEDT

Fiji's Military Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama called what has become his regular daily press conference on Wednesday.

Deposed PM still keen to remain in politics

13 December 2006, 17:12 AEDT

Fiji's deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase hasn't given up hope of returning to politics.

Vote to oust Temaru Government

13 December 2006, 17:07 AEDT

A vote to oust French Polynesia's government of Oscar Temaru is scheduled to go ahead on Thursday.

When will interim government be unveiled?

13 December 2006, 16:56 AEDT

The talk around Suva in Fiji on Wednesday was when will Commander Frank Bainimarama announce the line-up for his interim government.

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