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Australian Navy searching for WW1 submarine

26 February 2007, 17:09 AEDT

The Royal Australian Navy has begun searching reefs north east of Papua New Guinea to try to solve an enduring maritime mystery.

NZ planner optimistic about rebuilding Nuku'alofa

26 February 2007, 11:45 AEDT

A New Zealand town planner says Tongans are very keen to see their capital rebuilt better than it was.

Justice Minister resigns amidst political tussling

23 February 2007, 16:50 AEDT

A Solomon Islands Cabinet Minister has resigned amidst the tense political situation in the country.

Dengue fever outbreak on Rarotonga

23 February 2007, 16:18 AEDT

Health authorities on the Cook Islands are trying to control a dengue fever outbreak on the main island of Rarotonga.

85 asylum seekers may go to Nauru

23 February 2007, 16:18 AEDT

Australia's Prime Minister John Howard has indicated that placing 85 asylum seekers on Nauru while their situations are assessed could be an option.

Moti Inquiry to deliver findings next week

23 February 2007, 16:18 AEDT

The Papua New Guinea Board of Inquiry into the Julian Moti affair wound up its preliminary hearings on Friday and the final submission is expected some time next week.

Sols PM accused of wanting to abolish RAMSI

23 February 2007, 16:18 AEDT

Australia's Defence Minister, Dr Brendan Nelson has resumed the war-of-words with the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare.

Concern textile industry could suffer

23 February 2007, 11:58 AEDT

An Australian businessman has warned that the Australian government's continued attacks on Fiji's interim government may result in an unofficial trade sanction on its textile industry.

US Vice President touches down in Guam

22 February 2007, 17:11 AEDT

A small welcoming committee turned out on Thursday at Guam's Anderson Airforce Base to greet US Vice President Dick Cheney.

HIV/Aids still a potentially serious threat

22 February 2007, 17:11 AEDT

Pacific Island countries could be facing a level of HIV/Aids infection similar to that of southern Africa if enough isn't done to combat the threat.

Churches urge government for transparency

22 February 2007, 17:11 AEDT

The government in Solomon Islands has been urged to listen to people's pleas for transparency.

Political climate uncertain

22 February 2007, 17:11 AEDT

The political situation in Solomon Islands is tense as the Opposition considers a last desperate move to oust the government of Prime Minister Sogavare.

Fund proposed to help victims of nuclear testing

22 February 2007, 15:09 AEDT

The findings of a French study reporting serious radioactive leakage at former nuclear test sites in the South Pacific were disputed by a New Zealand scientist who was part of a 1998 study that found radiation levels were nearly undetectable.

Motion of no confidence disqualified

22 February 2007, 12:48 AEDT

In Solomon Islands, the opposition's notice for a motion of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has been disqualified.

Four Fijian mercenaries give themselves up to police

21 February 2007, 17:21 AEDT

Police in Papua New Guinea's Autonomous province of Bougainville have formally charged four former Fijian soldiers who were hired as mercenaries by failed money scam operator Noah Musingku over allegations of training an illegal army.

DPP withdraws charges against Australian war veteran

21 February 2007, 17:21 AEDT

The charges against an Australian Vietnam War veteran who was accused of plotting to murder the Solomon Islands Prime Minister have been dropped.

FIJI:Stock exchange below F$1 billion market capitalisation

21 February 2007, 17:21 AEDT

The value of companies listed on the Fiji-based South Pacific Stock Exchange has dropped below one-billion Fiji dollars or around 750 million Australian dollars.

Pacific voters may switch from Labour

21 February 2007, 13:52 AEDT

The resignation of New Zealand's first ever Pacific Island MP from the ruling Labour Party may alienate the country's sizeable number of Pacific voters, according to a New Zealand Samoan leader.

Interim PM declines to comment on EPG report

21 February 2007, 12:31 AEDT

Fiji's interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama held a press conference yesterday in which he stated that he was not going to give a public response to the Eminent Persons' Group report.

EPG disapproves of interim government

20 February 2007, 17:24 AEDT

Fiji's interim government has been given a thumbs down by the Pacific Island's forum "Eminent Persons Group".

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