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Bougainville authorities welcome foreigner arrests

17 March 2006, 16:44 AEST

Papua New Guinea's foreign minister has welcomed the arrest of two foreigners who'd been living illegally in Bougainville for the past two years.

Sportswomen lobby for greater visibility at Commonwealth Game

16 March 2006, 16:53 AEST

At the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, sportswomen from across the Pacific region have got together in the athletes' village.

Prime Minister Lini to face no-confidence motion

16 March 2006, 16:53 AEST

The Parliament in Vanuatu is set to vote on a Motion of No Confidence in the prime minister, Ham Lini, next Tuesday.

Somare under investigation over forest deal

16 March 2006, 16:53 AEST

A member of Papua New Guinea's forestry board has confirmed the country's prime minister attempted to fast track a controversial logging project in East New Britain Province.

More jobs on Kokoda Trail

16 March 2006, 16:53 AEST

A Papua New Guinea landmark with a special historical significance for many Australians is experiencing a revival.

Army and police thrash out differences over guns purchase

16 March 2006, 16:53 AEST

A war of words has been continuing in Fiji over a batch of guns and ammunition bought by the country's police force.

NZ foreign minister's comments get mixed reaction

16 March 2006, 12:31 AEST

Tonga's pro-democracy movement is unhappy with comments from New Zealand's foreign minister about the pace of political reform in the Kingdom.

Bougainville leader urges Fiji to get citizens out

16 March 2006, 12:31 AEST

A Bougainville leader has urged Fiji leaders to get five of their citizens out of Bougainville to allow the fragile peace process to continue.

Protestors temporarily halt destruction of Sigatoka sand dunes

15 March 2006, 16:15 AEST

For the past week, protestors in Sigatoka along Fiji's Coral Coast have set up a blockade to stop the destruction of sand dunes.

Prime Minister 'confident' of election prospects

15 March 2006, 16:15 AEST

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, says he's confident his party will stay in government after next month's general elections.

Directly-elected PM mooted

15 March 2006, 16:15 AEST

A political pressure group in Cook Islands says it's so fed up with politicians changing party allegiances that it's putting forward the idea of a popularly-elected prime minister.

Bougainville hosts Indian peace NGO

15 March 2006, 15:16 AEST

Papua New Guinea is this week hosting an Indian team to study the peace process in Bougainville.

US Ambassador acknowledges free speech advances

15 March 2006, 12:09 AEST

The US ambassador to Tonga has acknowledged that Tonga has moved forward in the area of freedom of speech.

Deportees import US gang culture

14 March 2006, 16:41 AEST

Tonga's former police minister is blaming US gang members for an upsurge in violent criminal activity in the Kingdom.

Governor Fitial abolishes Public Lands Authority

14 March 2006, 16:41 AEST

Workers in the Northern Marianas are starting to feel the pinch under new government measures to reign in spending.

German-funded project to promote better land management

14 March 2006, 16:41 AEST

The German government says it's happy with progress being made on a trial land management program in Fiji, which is encouraging what is being referred to as a "multi-functional" approach to land use.

Consortium plans to invest millions in Honiara resort

14 March 2006, 16:41 AEST

In Solomon Islands a consortium led by a Malaysian businessman has unveiled plans to invest about A$25 million in a resort and casino complex in the capital Honiara.

Team mourns death of father of soccer

14 March 2006, 16:41 AEST

Vanuatu's Commonwealth Games team is mourning the death of the Football Federation president, Johnny Tinsley-Lulu, who has died after a long illness.

Prime Minister flags possible Bougainville mine reopening

14 March 2006, 16:41 AEST

Papua New Guinea's prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, says his government is ready to lift the moratorium on Bougainville's Panguna copper mine, if the mine's operators believe the time is right.

Labour Party leader warns of corruption at polls

13 March 2006, 16:34 AEST

The leader of the Solomon Islands Labour Party is warning of likely corruption surrounding next month's general elections.

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