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Mt Garbuna erupts after 1800 years of dormancy

20 October 2005, 16:13 AEST

Emergency and disaster management authorities in Papua New Guinea's West New Britain Province have been urged to prepare a contingency plan following the eruption of Mt Garbuna volcano early this week.

King agrees to political reform committee

20 October 2005, 16:13 AEST

Tonga's King has agreed to the setting up of a national committee on political reform.

Govt plans to address maternal and infant mortality rate

20 October 2005, 10:15 AEST

Health authorities in Solomon Islands say they are doing their best to reduce the high maternal and infant mortality rate in the country.

TUVALU:Wins prize for Aust company

20 October 2005, 10:15 AEST

The construction of the new government offices in Tuvalu has won the company that managed the project the North Queensland exporter of the Year award.

Claims country's security put at risk by foreign appointments

19 October 2005, 15:24 AEST

A former Papua New Guinea defence commander claims Australians are being improperly employed in the highly sensitive areas of intelligence and security.

Remittances overtake tourism as money-earner

19 October 2005, 15:24 AEST

Fiji citizens working overseas are estimated to have sent home more than 262 million US dollars, which is higher than the amount of money the country makes from tourism.

Controversial new Foreign Minister Winston Peters sworn in

19 October 2005, 15:24 AEST

New Zealand's controversial new Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has been sworn in this afternoon as part of the country's new Government.

World Conservation Union opens Fiji office

19 October 2005, 10:04 AEST

One of the world's largest conservation organisations has opened an Oceania regional office in Fiji.

Australian police return, without immunity

19 October 2005, 10:04 AEST

Australian police are to return to Papua New Guinea, less than six months after they were unceremoniously ordered back home by the Australian government.

Global Fund urges Governments to tackle regional health risks

19 October 2005, 10:04 AEST

Faced with a large gap between spending and pledges of support, the head of the Geneva-based Global Fund has been visiting the Asia-Pacific to drum up donations.

Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare critical of Australian aid

19 October 2005, 10:04 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister has lashed-out at unfair and simplistic criticism from Australia, attacking what he calls a constant barrage of negativity from Australian commentators.

Criticism over appointment of Winston Peters as foreign minister

18 October 2005, 15:09 AEST

The appointment of nationalist New Zealand First leader Winston Peters as the county's Foreign Affairs Minister has generated surprise in New Zealand and overseas.

International phone network suffers technical troubles

18 October 2005, 15:09 AEST

Anyone trying to make an international phone call to or from Fiji will need to be very, very patient.

Regional operators discuss tourism potential in PNG

18 October 2005, 15:09 AEST

Papua New Guinea is currently hosting local and regional tourism representatives attending the fifth South Pacific Tourism Conference.

ADB pushes for Pacific Plan Priorities

18 October 2005, 15:09 AEST

Strengthening governance and creating economic opportunities are the two challenges Pacific Island Forum leaders must prioritise according to the Asian Development Bank.

Opposition critical of Winston Peters as foriegn minister

18 October 2005, 10:32 AEST

New Zealand has a new government, with Labour Party leader Helen Clark announcing the forming of a coalition.

Prime Minister welcomes donation of drugs from Pfizer

18 October 2005, 10:32 AEST

Australian pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, is donating an unlimited supply of an anti-fungal medicine to Papua New Guinea.

Rove prison disturbance successfully put down

18 October 2005, 10:32 AEST

A serious disturbance at Rove prison in Solomon Islands has been successfully put down with no injuries to either inmates or prison officers.

Protest at Rove Prison ends with tear gas

17 October 2005, 16:06 AEST

In Solomon Islands 192 prisoners were involved in a violent confrontation with the prison service over the weekend at Rove Prison.

World Bank report highlights value of labour mobility

17 October 2005, 15:23 AEST

The World Bank says opportunities currently available for Pacific Islanders to work in developed countries are playing a huge poverty alleviation role for the most vulnerable in Pacific societies.

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